First Chapter: Establish the Circuit Fault Detection Business

CLOU is established in 1996 which is initial devote to circuit fault detection equipment. In 1997, CLOU introduced programmable circuit to compress circuit board space and improve reliability, adopt 8-digit CPU to conduct FFT algorithm to enhance computing accuracy and stability. China’s first calibration device of transmitter with accuracy 0.05 was developed by CLOU in 1997, this product replace the imported product and earn a large market for CLOU. 

Second Chapter: Enter Metering Business area

After three years research since 1999,China’s first high accuracy electronic energy meter with 0.2 S was invented by CLOU, The meter has overcome technical difficulties by adopting advanced DSP technology and algorithm, completely broke international companies’ monopoly on high accuracy meter market. This means CLOU has fully enter the metering business area.

In 2002, Adopt high speed AC sampling, digital signal processing (DSP) and zero flux technologies, greatly improve meter performance and make CLOU rank into world-class brands. CLOU initiated the first reference meter with accuracy 0.02% in 2002 in China. In 2005, the domestic first innovated intelligent electricity terminal was developed by CLOU. Meter applies microelectronic technology and GPRS public wireless communication network technology to realize power load management, closed-loop load control, auto meter reading, metering equipment monitoring and anti-tampering which bring high value to electric power marketing.  

Third Chapter: Renewable Energy

With the people’s rising attention to the environment, CLOU launched China’s first calibrating device for EV charging pile in 2010. It adopts domestic initiated virtual load architecture design and standard charging interface to provide calibration convenience and quality assurance for new energy vehicle. In 2011, CLOU conquered technical challenges of “IGBT Series” in national 863 Project. “IGBT Series” difficulty is solved by developing four quadrants high voltage converter and large capacity new power device. It has been applied in high voltage DC transmission and offshore wind power fields. This technology has obtained patent for invention from China, America, Japan and European Union.

The first domestic PCS was invented by CLOU in 2013. CLOU published China’s first megawatt energy storage power station cabinet in 2014. Developed for renewable energy and micro-grid, the movable storage system is composed of battery pack, smart BMS and storage converter. It acquires high power rapid adjustment ability, black start and high conversion efficiency functions. The product can be applied in distributed generation, off-grid generation and island off-grid. 

The first energy router in China was developed by CLOU in 2014 to realize renewable energy in-gird connection and plug and play function. The energy router, as a distributed power generation device adopts virtual synchronous generation technology and integrates functions of bidirectional converter, energy storage battery and internal energy management system. The device uses energy router algorithm to enable auto power generation, auto voltage adjustment function.

China’s first virtual power plant (VPP) in 2015 by CLOU. The virtual power plant combines new energy, energy storage and adjustable load together by adopting virtual synchronous generator PCS, VPP2000 energy management scheduling system and predicted prognosis margin control technology to achieve smooth grid connection with stable output power and make it controllable and schedulable.

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