Green energy storage in "life zone", CLOU wins 2016 largest energy storage project in China


Shenzhen CLOU has won the bidding of “Renewable Energy LAN Project in Shuanghu County, Tibet” to provide off-grid cabinet-typed energy storage system in order to solve long-term shortage of electricity and ensure electricity demand.   

Shuanghu county is also called “Lift restricted area” since the average altitude is 5000 meter, the lowest temperate reaching to minus 40 and strong wind days up to 200, so it has high on the weather ability, reliability and high efficiency on the energy storage system. Shenzhen CLOU, relied on its strong R&D capability, deep industrial application experience, is responsible for providing equipments for V/F energy storage system, which is mainly used for regulating frequency and voltage and building basic power grid.

CLOU has always focused on the technology development of clean energy, renewable energy and large-scale energy storage and actively participated the construction of PV energy storage projects. In the year of 2015, Clou has overcome the difficulties of harsh natural conditions, high altitude and scattered living of herdsman to distribute 40,532 sets of household PV power systems (total capacity reach up to 12970.24kW ).

The “Renewable Energy LAN Project in Shuanghu County, Tibet” is the people livelihood project with great significance. CLOU has provided environmental friendly energy to ease contradiction of electricity shortage on the world highest altitude area. With delivery and operation of the project, CLOU’s energy storage system will enable Tibet to enter “Large power grid era”.

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