Bright scenery building in northwest China: CLOU Wind-Solar Energy Storage System


In forefront of China north-west development, Inner Mongolia autonomous region not only provides a large number of animal products, at the same time, the region contains a wealth of wind and solar power. In 2015, CLOU Electronics bids for New Energy Equipment Upgrading project (NEEU) with his Wind-Solar Energy Storage System, promotes government in realization of Ten Complete Coverage project in rural and pastoral areas.

System erects in Xilingol league area, middle of Inner Mongolia, where herdsman people bear inconvenience of no power grid. By unique energy gift of nature, System solves problem of electricity shortage for herdsmen, helps for accelerating local economic development and let more herdsmen to better enjoy the fruits of economic development.

Application of CLOU Wind-Solar Energy Storage System in Xilingol league consolidates NEEU project, marks one step further in Wind-Solar Energy Storage division, and once again highlights CLOU brand influence in the field of new energy.

In recent years, CLOU focus on development of clean energy, renewable energy and large-scale energy storage technology, takes further study of photovoltaic power generation, photo-thermal power generation, wind power generation. In domestic, CLOU completes projects successively as 

①Yellow River Household Photovoltaic System, 

②Qinghai Qumalai off-grid power generation project, 

③Qinghai Qilian off-grid power station project, 

④Xinjiang DaBanCity wind power station and etc. 

All CLOU efforts make “Bright dream” come true for thousands of rural herdsmen in northwest poor electricity areas.

At present, CLOU completes development of whole series of Wind-Solar energy system equipments, System suits for different application environment, meets demand comprehensively of domestic customers and abroad. In future, CLOU continues to spare no efforts in promoting new energy, renewable energy application, create value for our society, to provide customers with safe, reliable, efficient and intelligent green energy security.

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