CLOU’s Contract Project in “Life Restricted Area”: The Largest Energy Storage Project in China Put into Operation


Recently, 13 MW Renewable Energy LAN Project in Shuanghu County, Tibet has gone into full operation. This project consists of four parts, namely 13MW photovoltaic power station, 24MWh energy storage system, 1.5 km electric transmission line and distribution network system. The successful completion of this project renewed many records in China and in the world – the largest renewable energy LAN project in China, the largest energy storage project in China and the world highest altitude photovoltaic project.

Shenzhen CLOU, relied on its strong R&D capability, deep industrial application experience and remarkable brand influence, gains the favor of clients and is responsible for providing equipments for V/F energy storage system of tender I. Tender I is the largest among three with the scale of 3MW/10.8MWh, consisting of six sets of standard containerized ESS, to regulate frequency and voltage and build basic power grid. In this project, CLOU adopts the newest ESS and multiple protection mechanism to ensure the safety and longevity of the system, realize high energy density design of LFP ESS and reach the world leading level. 

Shuanghu County is located in the northwest of Nagqu Prefecture of Tibet and the interior of Qiangtang National Nature Reserve. It’s the world highest county-level administrative region with average altitude reaching 5000 meters above. Shuanghu County is called “Life Restricted Area”, which has ten months’ winter and whose average temperate is 5 ℃ and lowest temperate reaching to minus 40 ℃. The strong wind days up to 200 in a year, so it has high demand on the weather ability, reliability and high efficiency on the energy storage system. CLOU, relied on its rich experience in high-altitude ESS product application, carried out high-standard design for heat dissipation, insulation and heat preservation so as to ensure the whole ESS can realize unattended and smart operation. 

For a long time, the household lighting of Shuanghu County depended on the diesel generator and butter lamp for lack of unstable voltage. Especially in winter, the traditional warming mode by coal mining brought great inconvenience to the residents. The “Renewable Energy LAN Project in Shuanghu County, Tibet” is the people livelihood project with great significance. With a short period of average 80 frost-free days in a year, the construction period is extremely limited. During the debugging period of construction, though faced with difficulties like harsh natural condition, tight schedule, heavy tasks and less than half of the output of workers and machines, CLOU-ers keep on persistent efforts, overcome difficulties of high altitude, severe cold and oxygen-poor, fight side by side with Northwest Engineering Corporation Limited of Power China, and fulfill the CLOU notion of “customer-centered” with practices. Meanwhile, with its superior product quality, excellent customer services and the spirit of high responsibility, CLOU is favored by employers and local residents. 

CLOU, as the leader of China’s energy storage system integration, utilizes the complementarities of wind power, photovoltaic and energy storage, calms down the instability of wind, light and electricity under the send-level regulation of energy storage, thereby makes it schedulable and controllable for the power generation for renewable energy. CLOU focuses on providing solutions for renewable energy generation and manufacturing independent R&D energy storage products. The energy storage products cover power grid, commercial and residential fields, which can meet the demands of generation side for new energy smooth connection, peak and frequency regulation, and respond to the demands of the power-consumption side for peak load shifting and application sites for back-up power source. Contracting the largest renewable energy storage project in China, CLOU brings green and clean electricity to the world highest altitude county so as to relieve the severe power shortage conflict in Tibet, improve the electricity utilization and life quality for local people, and will enable Tibet to enter “Large Power Grid Era”.

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