Jonint Venture of Shzhen CLOU Electronics Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Transmission and Substation Construction Co., Ltd. awarded 80 Million Contract from Nepal Electricity Authority.


Recently, Shenzhen Clou Electronics Co., Ltd. was awarded Letter of Acceptance from Nepal Electricity Authority as one of the bid winner of Joint Venture for the project of Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Gas Insulated 220kV Barhabise Substation. 

According to Agreement, Shenzhen Clou Electronics Co., Ltd shall be in charge of project design, procurement, construction and management, and the other Party Guangxi Transmission and Substation Construction Co., Ltd. from the Joint Venture shall be in charge of project construction, and assist on project management. 

This is the second high voltage EPC project of Nepal market ever since the Transmission line project of RMB 135Million from Nepal in 2016. This Letter of acceptance enriches company EPC experience of oversea high voltage substation. If this project is implemented successfully, it will enhance company‚Äôs overall technical capacity of project construction; expand EPC businesses of power transmission and substation, and exert positive impact on future business performance. Simultaneously, it will provide more experience preference for the development and implementation of upcoming oversea EPC project, and promote enterprise visibility at international market.  

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