Concentrator CL818C

CL818C intelligent data concentrator is an important part of AMI system, it connects data collector with master station and performs task setting, data collection, data transmission and data storage, meter management, GPRS information task execution and RF network management.


Data acquisition
Data management and storage
Parameter setting and inquiry
Events record
Remote update
Local communication functions


    Embedded Linux system

    Managing up to 1024 meters

    Large flash memory

    Automatic routing management

    Three-level security management

    LCD display and button function

    DLMS/COSEM protocol

Technical Parameters

Rated Voltage (Un) 2×120 V, 3×220 V, 3×230 V, 3×57.7 V
Current 1.5 (6) A, 5 A (6 A), 5 A (10 A)
Frequency 50 Hz ± 5%
Accuracy Class Class 1.0
As for detailed specifications of the product, please download the electronic version.
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