Portable Three Phase kWh Meter Calibrator Class 0.05

Portable Three Phase kWh Meter Calibrator Class 0.05 CL3123C

Applied in energy measurement departments of electric power utilities, technical supervisor departments and meter manufacturers.


Error measurement for single phase, three phase 3 W and 4 W
Measurement modes: active, reactive, apparent
Detects harmonics up to 42nd
Wave form display
Vectorial display


8'screen display, touch screen operation

◎ Measures voltage, current, phase angle, frequency and harmonic content up to 42nd

◎ Current can be measured direct or via clamps ( standard 5 A, optional 100 A, 500 A, 1000 A )

◎ The communication interface supports the DL/T645-1997, DL/T645-2007 protocols

◎ Register test

◎ Storage for > 20,000 measurements

◎ Measurement of CT ratio error / angle error directly

Technical Parameters

Voltage measurement
Range 0 ~ 400 V
Accuracy 0.05 % RD ( 30 V ≤ U ≤ 480 V )
Note: As for detailed specifications of the product, please download the PDF version.
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