• Shielding

    Shielding -

    Despite the alarms antifraudes existing meters, to solve in maintenance problems for abuse detected, we have developed a...

  • Water meter

    Water meter -

    We can use any brands, types or sizes of meters (domestic or imported), to join our network measurement, provided that t...

  • Sensores REED

    Sensores REED -

    The pulse sensors are the link between the meter and reading devices. They detect pulses magnetic or inductive meter pre...

  • Concentrator

    Concentrator - water meter concentrator

    High performance and industrial grade, the concentration of data laager stores the information transmitted by the radio ...

  • RF modules.

    RF modules. - RF modules for water meter .gas meter.

    This type of communication with the meter has the best cost benefit and ease of maintenance in other systems of gerencia...

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