Thursday 1st October 2020

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as usual we have collected some information from our website around electrical energy metering. Today we are taking a closer look at some power quality terms.
voltage swell

What is a Voltage Swell Event?

A voltage swell is a surge (increase) of voltage above 110 % of the rms magnitude in your power grid. The duration can be between ½ cycle and one minute. (EN 50160)
voltage dip

What is a Voltage Dip Event?

Sometimes it's also referred to voltage sag (IEEE term). The meaning is the same. This article explains the power quality event logging inside of smart meters.
transient voltage

What are Transient Voltages?

Transient voltages are short time peaks in the a.c. power supply. They typically last a few milliseconds and the voltage can reach several thousand volt. A transient is by definition shorter than half cycle.
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