Thursday 1st October 2020


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Today we take a look at some special DLMS push messages. As you know, the Device Language Message Specification is international the most popular standard for communication exchange between energy meters and a head end system (HES).
If you want to implement an AMI-system, DLMS will be your first choice for communication.
Since some years it's also possible to push certain events from the energy meter.
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alarm 999+

The DLMS Push Message

A electronic energy meter with communication via DLMS can be configured to send Push messages.
Usually a meter acts as a server.
first breath

The First Breath Notification

The First Breath Push notification is sent to the head end system (HES) as soon as the meter is powered up.
power outage

The Last Gasp Outage Notification

Smart meters can generate a Push message in case of power fail. This event is called Last Gasp.
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