Face Recognition System CL2055


The face recognition system CL2055 has an integrated body temperature scanner. It’s suitable for offices, automatic gates, hotels or where ever entrance control with body temperature measurement is needed.


  • Real-time thermal imaging body temperature monitoring including recognition with face mask.
  • The body temperature measurement accuracy is ±0.3°.
  • The measurement distance is between 0.5 m and 0.8 m.
  • Single person recognition rate is less than one second.
  • Night- and day mode
  • Support for RS232, TCP/IP and various other interfaces
  • Cloud- and local storage support
  • Cloud platform device supports simultaneous storage of 50,000 face photos (average 400 kB) and can keep1 million recognition records. The last 20,000 live snap shots are also stored.
  • The local area network device supports simultaneous storage of 20,000 face photos (photos are calculated based on 100 KB) and 1 million recognition records (including the latest 10,000 live snapshot photos)
  • The effective hit rate of a face poll is 99.9%.
  • The accuracy rate of single person face photo with ID card comparison is > 99%
  • The screen display content and the recognition distance can be configured


Screen size8-inch, full-view IPS LCD screen
Resolution1280 x 800 px
Device CPU4 core RK3399
Interfaces2.4G WIFI, Bluetooth, USB 2.0, RS232, Wiegand, 4G module, card reader
Ingress protectionwaterproof with canopy for outdoor use
Power supply12 V, DC
Operating temperature-10°C … 60°C
Power consumptionmax. 5 W
Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions234 mm x 125 mm x 25 mm

Management Platform

The CLOU CL2055 management platform is scalable. It consists of various modules.

  • Personal management
  • Device management
  • Access control management
  • Record query
  • Visitor management
  • User management
  • Real time events
  • Statistics
CL2055 installation

The device CL2055 can be mounted stand-alone, at a gate or wall mounted.
This product was invented by CLOU and for CLOU due to the epidemics to have a reliable and simplified entrance process. It’s ready to market since Mid of March 2020.

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Negative Phase Current

Reading Time: 1 min

Electronic energy meters can have various additional useful functions for tamper protection, event logging or billing. The screenshot below was taken from our four-quadrant simulation. Other names used in literature are Reversed Phase Current or Reversed Power Flow.

Principle for negative phase current detection


The electronic energy meter monitors constantly the direction of current flowing through each phase. When a specific phase current is detected to be flowing reverse, a event for negative phase current is set for each phase individually.


Default logic

When the current direction in one phase is different from current direction of two other phases and all currents are above the current threshold parameter, meter starts a timer. If such condition stays for a time period longer than Reverse power flow time threshold, the meter triggers a reverse power flow condition.

When later all currents start flowing in same direction or at least one of the currents falls below threshold, meters starts a timer again. If same condition stays for a time period longer than Reverse power flow time threshold, the meter detects normal phase sequence condition.
Reverse power flow condition is registered via dedicated events in tamper log book and tamper alarm on display is set.

This function can be disabled.
Disabling the function is necessary when the customer is feeding-back power to the grid, e.g. in case of solar installations.

The logic behind the negative phase current detection can be customized.

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Efficiency on Wednesdays


Maybe you have read last week about our activities in terms of corona-virus prevention. Now the CLOU Face Recognition System with integrated thermal scan is deployed in our building.


Since we started to work after Chinese New Year Holidays all staff had to be registered together with body temperature.

The idea itself is good. It’s easy possible to trace back for infection and possible contact persons.

The records have been done manually with a lot of people involved.

Our management has instructed the R&D department to come out with an automated solution. We are CLOU, so the product was finished in 20 days.


The field trial started 3 days ago with some set-up adjustments.

The device itself works hassle-free. It recognizes the staff from a distance of 50 cm within one second.

As all people are wearing masks and some even hats the biometrical measurements have to be very accurate.

The body temperature measurement accuracy is within +/- 0.2 °C.

The device has a three colour LED bar and three acoustic signals.
RED means body temperature above 37.3°C.
WHITE is default state for scanning.
If a person is not recognized within 2 seconds, a additional alarm beep is coming up.

All information is collected in a common database. Our AMI-group contributed for the data processing.

As we have all related interfaces the next step is to combine the system with automatic gate control and clocking-in/out.

The face recognition system is monitored by the regular reception staff. No additional training was needed. It increases our efficiency not only on Wednesdays 🙂
It was quite interesting to create a new product far away from energy metering within that short time.
We have a huge potential.
Thank you for reading.