Together with our customers and partners, we create and manage clean, reliable and efficient energy. We are committed to make a difference where it is needed the most.

Main Business

  • Electronic Energy Meters

    Electronic Energy Meters

    We are designing and producing electronic energy meters since the year 1996. Here you can find an overview of our recent products.

  • Meter Test Equipment

    Meter Test Equipment

    We develop and manufacture portable and stationary meter test equipment for laboratories, test houses, utilities and meter manufacturers.

  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure AMI

    Advanced Metering Infrastructure AMI

    Most essential for a proper running AMI system is a competent partner. CLOUGLOBAL offers pre-sales, consultancy, after-sales and maintenance services. Based on our developing platforms we are able to configure and update our products timely.

  • Enclosures and Boxes for Energy Meters

    Enclosures and Boxes for Energy Meters

    Meter boxes and enclosures are used as an additional protection against rain and dust. Our enclosures offer also additional tamper protection by built-in switches. The meter or the AMI system can trigger an alarm before the meter itself was manipulated.

  • System Solutions for Data Acquisition

    System Solutions for Data Acquisition

    CLOUGLOBAL provides beside of hardware also solutions for advanced meter integration (AMI), unified meter testing and energy meter rollout. Also special featured products are shown here.

  • Electrical Energy Storage Systems

    Electrical Energy Storage Systems

    Energy storage technology is a CLOU segment since 2009. Here you can find an overview of our recent energy storage products.


Enlit Africa 2023
Enlit Africa 2023

Enlit Africa 2023 will be held in the in Cape Town from 16 – 18 May 2023.
It is a chance that Africa’s whole energy ecosystem meets there.
We, Shenzhen CLOU Electronics, will see you in the Booth C160.

Recent News and Information

Fire Can Be Prevented By Choosing The Proper Materials (credit Pexels)

Glow Wire Test: Resistance to Heat and Fire

The glow wire flammability test is used to simulate the effect of heat that may occur in malfunctioning electrical energy meters, such as when components are overloaded or glowing.

CLOU Energy Storage Container (Symbol Image CLOU AI)

Basic Information about UL Standards

Underwriters Laboratories (since 2022 renamed to UL Solutions) created the UL standards as product safety requirements for the American market starting more than one century ago.

Electrical Energy Transition To Renewable Energy Resources (credit Clou Ai)

The Hidden Pitfalls of the Energy Transition

By transitioning to renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and hydropower, we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Smart City At Night (symbol Picture, Credit Pexels)

The Power Grid: Why a Smart Meter AMI System is the Way to Go

The grid is managed by utility companies, who have the responsibility of ensuring that the electricity generated is distributed to all customers in an efficient and reliable manner.

Combined Wind And Solar Power Generation

Virtual Power Plants and the Energy Transition

A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a network of distributed energy resources that are remotely connected and operated as one entity. The VPP's role is to ensure a stable energy flow and system reliability while minimizing cost and emissions.

CLOU Building 2023

CLOU Won $27.5 Million Smart Meter Project

CLOU has won a $27.5 Million framed bidding project of Southern Power Grid, and its market share has continuously improved.