CLOUGLOBAL Portfolio for Products and Services

CLOU GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY offers a wide range of energy measurement- and testing solutions. We are providing sustainable smart-grid components and software applications for our worldwide customers. Please contact us if you are looking for a customized solution.

  • r Electricity Meter

    Electronic Energy Meters

    We are designing and producing electronic energy meters since the year 1996. Below you can find an overview for our recent products.We are running an engineering platform. This makes adaptations and customizations reliable and easy within a short development time.If you can not find a specific energy meter in this overview, just drop us a …

  • r CL1000

    Meter Test Equipment

    We are designing and manufacturing portable and stationary meter test equipment for laboratories, test houses, utilities and meter manufacturers.

  • r AMI

    Advanced Metering Infrastructure AMI

    Most essential for a proper running AMI system is a competent partner. CLOUGLOBAL offers pre-sales, consultancy, after-sales and maintenance services. Based on our developing platforms we are able to configure and update our products timely.

  • CLOU meter box installation 2

    Enclosures and Boxes for Energy Meters

    Meter boxes and enclosures are used as an additional protection against rain and dust. Our enclosures offer also additional tamper protection by built-in switches. The meter or the AMI system can trigger an alarm before the meter itself was manipulated.

  • System Solutions for Data Acquisition

    CLOUGLOBAL provides beside of hardware also solutions for advanced meter integration (AMI), unified meter testing and energy meter rollout. Also special featured products are shown here.