System Solutions for Data Acquisition

CLOU GLOBAL provides beside of hardware also solutions for advanced meter integration (AMI), unified meter testing and energy meter rollout. Also special featured products are shown here.

  • ClouESP AMI Software

    ClouESP AMI Software

    ESP stands for energy services platform. Our software combines head end system (HES) functionalities with meter data management (MDMS) functions.

  • Electrical Measurement Studio EMS5

    Electrical Measurement Studio EMS5

    The CLOU EMS5 software is a controlling software for stationary and portable meter test equipment.

  • Face Recognition System CL2055

    Face Recognition System CL2055

    The face recognition system CL2055 has an integrated temperature scanner. It is suitable where ever entrance control with body temperature measurement is needed.

  • Smart Distribution Management Software DMS

    Smart Distribution Management Software DMS

    Smart Distribution Management improves the fault-finding process and power restoration time after outages. The automated system solution operates in the medium voltage network between 10 kV and 24 kV for the feeder lines.