Electrical Energy Storage Systems

Electrical energy storage refers to the process of storing electrical energy in a device or system, for later use. This technology has become increasingly important in recent years due to the rapid growth of renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power, which are intermittent and can be affected by weather conditions.

Electrical energy storage systems can help to stabilize the grid and balance supply and demand, by storing excess energy when it is available and releasing it when it is needed.

CLOU Energy Storage Systems
CLOU Energy Storage Systems

CLOU has been working on energy storage since 2009. The energy storage technologies and systems are implemented in Asia, Africa, North- and South America and Oceania.
CLOU has a large-scale energy storage, grid-connected laboratory for renewable energy of National Energy Administration.
In the aspects of battery PACK, PCS and EMS, CLOU owns core products with features of modularization, high energy density and high safety. It has profitable operating experience and can provide customers with the optimal solutions and services.

Product Overview

Energy Storage Components

Our energy storage containers are designed for public buildings, medium to large businesses and utility scale storage. They can be used on-grid or off-grid. The energy storage containers are making it possible to store the energy produced by photovoltaics, wind turbines, or other renewables. For larger capacities, multiple containers can be combined to one EES system.

  • Energy Storage Container CLC20-1000

    Energy Storage Container CLC20-1000

    The CLC20-1000 is a box-type energy storage system of 0.5 C. The system equips special lithium iron phosphate battery cells and high safety battery modules.

  • Energy Storage Container CLC40-2500

    Energy Storage Container CLC40-2500

    The CLC40-2500 is a box-type energy storage system with air cooling of 0.5 C. The system adopts special lithium iron phosphate batteries cell and high safety battery modules.

  • Power Conversion Systems (PCS)

    Power Conversion Systems (PCS)

    Our power conversion systems are multi-functional inverter/converter devices. They are offering bidirectional power conversions.