Energy Storage Container CLC20-1000

CLOU Box-Type Energy Storage System of Air Cooling
CLOU Box-Type Energy Storage System with Air Cooling, CLC20-1000/2257

The CLC20-1000 is an energy storage container with air cooling. A modular compact battery rack is paired with independent air ducts and specialized industrial air conditioning.
Special lithium iron phosphate battery cells and high-safety battery modules are also included in the system. Its high energy density ensures dependable and efficient operation.
If you want a larger capacity storage container, click here for more information.


  • external PCS (power conversion system)
  • flexible configuration of system capacity and container size
  • the BMS (battery management system) meets functional safety requirements
  • non-step-in design


Item Parameter
Battery typeLFP (lithium iron phosphate)
Nominal power1.0 MW
Nominal capacity 2.2 MWh
Nominal charge and discharge rate
0.5 C
Operating temperature -40 ℃ to +50 ℃
Altitude < 3000 m (in altitudes above, the nominal power is decreasing)
Ingress protectionIP54
Fire extinguishing systemfire alarm,
gas extinguishing system
Dimensions20-foot container
6.10 m long × 2.44 m wide × 2.59 m high

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published: 16 Jun, 2023

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