Portable AC Charging Pile Tester CL6360

CLOU Portable AC Charging Pile Tester CL6360
CLOU Portable AC Charging Pile Tester CL6360

The CL6360 is testing equipment for AC charging piles, independently developed by us, strictly compliant to the design requirements of Chinese Standards.
It is applied for the metrological verification of charging piles.


  • Charging pile test: support to the tests of electronic load and electric vehicles, and carry out function verification and aging test on charging piles.
  • Metering verification: tests of working error, indication error, payment amount error and clock indication error, meeting the requirements of relevant standards.
  • Charging monitoring: It has a variety of signal transfer interfaces, which can be connected to oscilloscope.
  • Recorder and multi-meter, and can be used for signal monitoring and sampling.
  • Automatic report generation function: test data can be stored, and test reports can be generated. The report supports user-defined format.


Voltage0 V – 400 V
Voltage ranges220 V, 380 V
Voltage accuracy0.03% RD (reading) + 0.02% RG (range) (30 V ≤ U ≤ 400 V)
CurrentMaximum 80 A
Voltage ranges63 A
Current accuracy0.03% RD + 0.02% RG (0.1 A ≤ I ≤ 80 A)
Measurement0.05% RD
Power and energy accuracy0.05% RD (30 V ≤ U ≤ 400 V, 1 A ≤ I ≤ 80 A)
Pulse output1 – 9999999999 (imp/kWh) selectable, maximum frequency 50 kHz
Pulse input1 – 9999999999 (imp/kWh) selectable, maximum frequency 100 kHz
Preheating time< 30 minutes
Operating power AC 85 V – 265 V, 45 Hz – 65 Hz
Operating temperature23 °C ±10 °C
Relative humidity≤ 85%, not condensate
Weight≤ 25 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D)290 mm × 525 mm × 465 mm

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