Distribution Equipment Overview

CLOU is dedicated to advancing power distribution technology with a range of electrical equipment designed for cable and overhead power grids. Our products include high- and low-voltage switchgear sets, intelligent switchgear, and power distribution monitoring and fault location systems. With proven technology and reliable operation, CLOU products are widely used by major utilities, power plants, and transportation systems across China, including the National Grid Corporation, the China Southern Power Grid Company, and provincial and municipal power companies, as well as the railway, air, coal, and petrochemical industries.

Distribution and Power Transformers

Our collection of distribution and power transformers provides the backbone of electrical distribution systems. From low voltage to high voltage applications, our transformers offer robust construction, high efficiency, and customizable configurations to match your specific requirements. With various vector groups available, precise voltage transformation, phase relationships, and grounding options can be achieved, ensuring optimal performance and reliable power distribution.

  • CLOU compact power substation

    Compact Transformer Substations for Power Distribution

    Box-type transformer substations are compact, self-contained units that revolutionize power distribution. With their efficient design, robust structure, and advanced features, they offer improved efficiency, reliability, safety, and flexibility, making them an essential component in modern electrical systems.

  • Off Circuit Tap Changing Dry Type Distribution Transformer Scb10 Series (credit Clou Factory, Shunde)

    Off-load Tap Changer Dry-type Transformer SCB10 Series

    An off-circuit tap changing dry-type distribution transformer, also known as an off-load tap changer dry-type distribution transformer, is a specific type of transformer designed for voltage regulation in electrical distribution systems.

Ring Main Units

Our advanced ring main units (RMUs) serve as pivotal components in medium voltage distribution networks. Engineered for compactness, safety, and ease of installation, our RMUs enable efficient and flexible ring or radial network configurations. Equipped with integrated switchgear, fault protection devices, and metering capabilities, our RMUs ensure reliable power distribution, fault detection, and isolation, enhancing the overall resilience of your electrical infrastructure.


Enhance the reliability and responsiveness of your distribution system with our cutting-edge reclosers. These intelligent devices are designed to automatically detect and isolate temporary faults in overhead power lines, rapidly restoring power to unaffected areas. With programmable settings, advanced monitoring capabilities, and remote control options, our reclosers provide adaptive fault management, minimizing downtime and optimizing network performance.

Whether you require robust transformers, versatile ring main units, or intelligent reclosers, our distribution equipment solutions are engineered to deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and safety. Backed by our team of experts, we offer comprehensive support from product selection to installation guidance and ongoing technical assistance.

Contact us today to discover how our distribution equipment can empower your electrical network, ensuring efficient power distribution, enhanced reliability, and seamless operations. Let us partner with you to shape a more resilient and connected energy future.