Off-load Tap Changer Dry-type Transformer SCB10 Series

An off-circuit tap changing dry-type distribution transformer, also known as an off-load tap changer dry-type distribution transformer, is a specific type of transformer designed for voltage regulation in electrical distribution systems.

Unlike on-load tap changing transformers (OLTC), which can change taps while the transformer is energized and carrying load, off-circuit tap changing transformers require the transformer to be de-energized during tap changes. The transformer is taken offline before adjusting the tap connections.

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  • Product-Image SCB10#
  • Product-Image SCB10#

Here are some key characteristics and features of off-circuit tap changing dry-type distribution transformers:

  • Tap Changing
    The transformer has multiple tap connections on the primary winding, allowing for the adjustment of the turns ratio. By changing the tap connection, the voltage transformation ratio can be modified to accommodate variations in the input voltage or achieve desired output voltage levels.
  • Dry-Type Design
    The transformer is of the dry-type, meaning it does not use a liquid coolant such as oil. Instead, it utilizes solid insulation materials to provide electrical isolation and cooling. Dry-type transformers are typically more environmentally friendly, require less maintenance, and are safer in certain applications.
  • Distribution Application
    Off-circuit tap changing dry-type transformers are commonly used in distribution systems, where they step down the voltage for localized power distribution. They are often found in commercial buildings, industrial facilities, residential areas, and other locations where electrical power needs to be delivered to various loads at different voltage levels.
  • Voltage Regulation
    These transformers help regulate voltage levels in the distribution network. By adjusting the tap connections, the transformer compensates for voltage variations and maintains a stable output voltage within acceptable limits.

It's important to note that off-circuit tap changing transformers are not suitable for applications that require continuous voltage regulation without interrupting the power supply. In such cases, on-load tap changing transformers (OLTC) with the ability to change taps while energized are preferred.

Selection Tool for SCB10 standard distribution transformers

The SCB10 series covers:
Output power from 50 kVA to 2500 kVA (50Hz)
Primary (HV) voltage from 5 kV to 24 kV
Three or five taps, customized
Secondary (LV) voltage 400 V
Standard vector groups: Dyn11, Yyn0

Primary Voltage [kV]
Vector connection group
Output Power [kVA]

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