Power Conversion Systems (PCS)

Our PCS (power conversion systems) are multi-functional inverter/converter devices. They are offering bidirectional power conversions (AC->DC and DC->AC) for electrical energy storage, together with optional modules for on-grid and off-grid usage in commercial and industrial applications. The switching time for reversing the power flow is less than 100 ms, respective 5 cycles.
We have a wide range of different models, matching with our battery storage systems or your existing storage up to 3.6 MW.

CLOU Power Conversion System NEPCSH-2000
CLOU Power Conversion System NEPCSH-2000/1600/1400/1200
CLOU Power Conversion System NEPCSH-4000
CLOU Power Conversion System NEPCSH-4000/3200/2800/2400


DC voltage range 700 V to 1500 V
Maximum DC current1.9 kA to 3.9 kA
Maximum DC power1.3 MW to 3.6 MW
DC inputsoptional two inputs
Nominal AC power1.2 MVA to 3.2 MVA
Nominal AC voltage480 V  ±15 %
550 V  ±15 %
630 V  ±15 %
Nominal grid frequency50 Hz  ±10 %
60 Hz  ±10 %
Power factor> 0.99
Maximum efficiency 98.8 %
Total Harmonic Distorsion (THD)AC < 3 % (nominal power)
DC < 0.5 % (nominal power)
Ingress protection IP20 to IP54
DC input protection load switch and fuse
AC output protection circuit breaker
Overload capability120 % for 10 seconds
Adjustable reactive power100 % inductive to 100 % capacitive
Protection over-voltage
ground fault
CommunicationRS-485,  CAN,  Ethernet , optical  fiber
Weight 1.6 metric tons to 6 metric tons
Ambient operating temperature-30°C to +60°C (derating, if >45°C)
Coolingtemperature controlled air cooling
Noise emission< 70 dB(A)
CompliantGBT 34120-2017
UL 1741
UL 1741SA
IEEE 1547

The configuration of the power conversion system consists of several parameters. Contact us for more information matching to your special requirements.

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    Editor's note: This article was originally published in March 2022 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.