Electrical Measurement Studio EMS5

The CLOU EMS5 software is for controlling energy meter test equipment and related devices. The standard IEC 62057-1 for stationary test equipment is also focused on software and handling, so from future on the meters test equipment hardware plays only a secondary role for meter calibration and certification.

Everyone can expect that the hardware is working. Important is the reliability, traceability and validation of the measurement data gained from the system.
For this purpose CLOU has developed a new controlling platform. Target is to serve all measurement needs with one software.

Modular structure

EMS5 modular structure

The minimum requirements for EMS5 are OS Windows 7 or higher. It is not required to install any additional MS-Office application. So no additional licences are needed.

The EMS5 system works with drivers, there is a strict separation between the source code to operate an individual device and with the information provided by this device. This enables the platform to control also 3rd party devices like e.g. reference standards. (For 3rd party products we need to have the communication protocol which is usually provided by the equipment manufacturer).


The application can run in multiple screen mode. Screen 1 can show the test results and ongoing testing process while screen 2 provides all information regarding the settings (actual values, phasor diagram, harmonics analysis)

Full automated meter test

Test plans can be generated for individual meters with absolute values and to meter families with relative values. The number of tests per test plan is unlimited.
The EMS5 software can test all types of electronic and electromechanical energy meters. The following tests can be done full automatically:

  • pre-warming
  • no-load test
  • starting test, active and reactive
  • accuracy tests related to current variation
  • register tests in all four quadrants
  • meter constant tests
  • voltage variation tests
  • frequency variation tests
  • reverse current tests
  • reversed phase sequence tests
  • voltage unbalanced tests
  • accuracy tests in the presence of harmonics
  • influence of self heating
  • thermal stability tests
  • long duration tests (accelerated life test, requires a climatic chamber)

Other tests can be done in semi-automatic mode with on-screen user guidance:

  • missing neutral tests
  • magnetic induction influence tests

User Interface

EMS5 user interface

The EMS5 user interface provides comprehensive information about the actual test status

Graphical evaluation

EMS5 graphical

A bar-graph shows the individual error per load-point and position. This feature is extremely helpful when evaluating long test plans.


During the test-run the report is available in HTML-format. When the HTML-file is uploaded to a web-server, all test activities can be monitored remotely.
The report can be customised and printed in pdf-format.

For upload to an external database we are providing an encrypted result-file and a application programming interface (API).


A software translation tool enables the user to localize reporting- and control content of the software. Up to now EMS5 is supporting the following languages:

  • English, United States, en-US
  • Chinese, China, zh-CN
  • German, Germany, de-DE
  • French, France, fr-FR
  • Spanish, Spain, es-ES
  • Arabic, Syria, ar-SY
  • Korean, Korea, ko-KR

Other languages are implemented on demand by the help of CLOU agents and local utility specialists.
The language for control software and for the reporting can be set individual. So it is possible to run the control software e.g. in French and the reporting in Arabic.
Language change does not require a restart of the application software.

Thank you for reading. If you have questions or you need a quotation for meter test equipment please contact us. Questions of common interest are also answered in our CLOU metering blog.

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