Optical Communication Head CL4S

This optical probe is used for local communication with electrical energy meters. It’s compliant with the IEC 62056-21 (in the past IEC1107). The communication is galvanically isolated. It works with infrared light.
The head has a infrared transmit and a infrared receive diode. It’s magnetically fixed on the meter port for optical communication. From the meter side this port can also be sealed.

optical communication head CL4S
optical head CL4S
optical communication head CL4S
CL4S, rear view

The communication is secured by various measures. Read more about the data security here.

CL710K22 with optical port
CL710K22 with optical port
CL710K22 with optical probe
CL710K22 with optical probe

Technical details

  • IEC 62056-21 compliant
  • compatible with IEC meters
  • compatible with MID meters
  • compatible with DLMS protocol
  • Transmission wave length ~ 900 nm
  • Receive wave length 800 nm … 1000 nm
  • Filter against influence of fluorescent light
  • Cable length can be customised
  • Plug can be customised
  • Magnetic Cohesion force > 1.5 N (2 mm distance from the steel plate)
  • Asynchronous serial bit (Start – Stop) transmission according to ISO/IEC 1177, half-duplex
  • Transmission speed max 19200 bit/s
  • Echo-filter
  • No internal power supply needed
  • Drivers for Windows® and Mac available

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