Stationary Meter Test Equipment

We offer a wide range of stationary test equipment for electrical energy meters. All test results are traceable to international standards. Together with our software platform EMS5 all equipments can be controlled with the same user interface. This minimizes the operator training and guarantees trustable quality assurance procedures. We have also specialised equipment for accelerated life tests.

manual control

Beside of operating with a personal computer the test benches of the CL1000 and CL3000 series can also be operated in manual mode with a tablet.
Meter researchers and developers like to use this feature.

All stationary test equipment is extremely customised. The components are manufactured by ourself. The key elements are

  • Reference standard
  • voltage amplifiers (30 V to 480 V phase-neutral)
  • current amplifiers (1 mA to 120 A)
  • waveform controller for fundamental waves with harmonics up to the 20th
  • meter rack

Some examples

CLOU Test Bench
CLOU Test Bench

Single phase bench CL1000
The number of test position is variable, maximum for laboratories is 48 positions.
For meter manufacturers we also deliver 60 position systems.

Single phase test benches can come with or without multi secondary voltage transformer (MSVT)

Accuracy class 0.05

threephase test bench CL3000
Three phase test bench CL3000 with 12 positions

Three phase bench CL3000
The maximum no. of positions with insulation current transformers (ICT) is 24. Without ICTs we can test 48 meters in parallel.

Accuracy class 0.02

Special equipment

external origin
external magnetic field tester

By international standards it's required to verify the meter performance under different conditions. The CL3000E tests the meter with an automatic positioning system in all 3 axes.

a.c. voltage tester CL3401F
a.c. voltage tester CL3401F

A high voltage test is required during production and acceptance inspection at the utilities.
In this example we are testing 24 meters in parallel.

source CL309
source CL309

The CL309 is a stand-alone source. In some cases it's necessary to have a stabil and accurate power generation beside from meter test.

This source can also be used as a replacement for existing test benches. We are providing a interface description, so you can run the source with your own software.

DC meter test

Metering on the DC side is becoming more interesting since we have to deal with large photovoltaic installations and with DC car-charging. We can offer complete DC accuracy test solutions and components for your own applications.

d.c. source CL6019C
d.c. source CL6019C
d.c. reference standard CL113C
d.c. reference standard CL113C

Full automated meter testing

If you have to test more than 20,000 meters per day we can also talk about full automatic testing lines. Our largest installation has 1,200 test positions.


We are the specialists for energy meter tests. If you have questions or a specific demand, please contact us. Our project team will be very happy to find together with you the best test solution.
We also set up complete meter factories and meter test laboratories.

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