Single Phase Meter Enclosure CL754A

meter enclosure CL754
size: 212 mm x 402 mm x 135 mm

The CL754A single phase energy meter enclosure accommodates one bottom connected energy meter and one 1 Ph + N or 2 Ph circuit breaker. The enclosure is made of polycarbonate material with excellent electrical insulation, fire- and weather resistance. It is lightweight and small, shockproof, UV-and ageing resistant.
The meter box has two transparent windows, one for meter reading and one for circuit breaker operation.

The enclosure box has a tamper detection for opening and sealable windows. The installation is easy. On the bottom of the enclosure are two inlets for mains and customer load.
On request we can supply meter box and meter pre-wired.

  • Enclosure material polycarbonate +10 % glass fibre
  • Polycarbonate for the transparent windows
  • Two Pg cable glands on the bottom of the enclosure
  • Ingress protection: IP54
  • Sealable enclosure cover
  • Sealable windows
  • Enclosure cover open detection
  • Mechanical resistance: IK 09
  • Suitable for wall mounting and pole mounting
  • Two transparent windows for meter reading and circuit breaker operation
  • Optional: full transparent enclosure cover
  • Dimensions: 212 mm x 402 mm x 135 mm

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