CLOU Electronics Obtains MTBF Certification for Energy Storage System

Shenzhen, China – April 9, 2024 – CLOU Electronics' Aqua C series energy storage product has achieved a global first by earning third-party Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) certification for an energy storage system from the internationally renowned certification body DEKRA. This prestigious certification recognizes CLOU's exceptional research and development capabilities, showcasing the company's industry-leading strengths in energy storage technology reliability. It serves as powerful validation of the outstanding performance and stability of CLOU's energy storage products, further enhancing the company's competitive edge in the global energy storage market.

MTBF is a crucial metric for evaluating product reliability, especially for energy storage systems where it directly impacts the stability and economic viability of energy supply. Most energy storage products require an operating lifespan of 15-20 years or more. Ensuring customer confidence and profitability over the entire product lifecycle through reliable design and system integration is a common challenge for energy storage system integrators. Prior to this, the industry lacked a standardized method for calculating MTBF specific to energy storage systems.

MTBF certification report for the CLOU energy storage system
MTBF certification report for the CLOU energy storage system

CLOU's product R&D team persevered tirelessly and achieved a breakthrough with the advanced liquid-cooled Aqua C series energy storage products. By innovatively employing cutting-edge battery management, energy management and other core technologies, they ensured high efficiency and longevity, ultimately earning the world's first MTBF certification for an energy storage system. This effectively fills an industry gap and enables CLOU to provide customers worldwide with superior, assured product service.

DEKRA is an internationally recognized independent testing and certification body whose certifications hold widespread global influence and credibility. For this certification, DEKRA comprehensively tested and evaluated CLOU's new liquid-cooled Aqua C series energy storage products across multiple criteria including performance, safety, and environmental adaptability. After rigorous review, the Aqua C series proudly obtained DEKRA's groundbreaking MTBF certification for an energy storage system – a testament to CLOU's robust product quality and technical prowess.

In recent years, energy storage technologies have undergone rapid development. CLOU has remained dedicated to developing highly competitive products that assure safety, reliability and quality while enhancing profitability for customers. Moving forward, CLOU will continue close collaboration with DEKRA and other authoritative third-party certification bodies, combining international quality standards and application experience with domestic advanced manufacturing and product design. This synergy will propel energy storage technology evolution and drive deeper integration of technological innovation with safety and quality in the energy storage field. CLOU will continuously improve energy storage product R&D and application innovation to deliver increasingly advanced, reliable and efficient energy solutions for global customers, contributing to a greener, lower-carbon, sustainable energy future.