Portable Calibrator CL3013

portable calibrator CL3013
portable calibrator CL3013

The CL3013 is a reference standard with integrated three-phase current/voltage source.
It's used for meter development, in laboratories, power companies or wherever you need a stabil current- and voltage output together with accurate measurements.
The accuracy of the reference standard is class 0.05.
Performed can be for example

  • no load test
  • starting test
  • accuracy tests with current variation
  • variation tests for voltage and frequency
  • influence of harmonics tests

The functions can be controlled either by the integrated display or with our EMS5 software.


Item Value
voltage output1 V … 456 V (ph-N)
voltage stability0.02% ti = 120 s
voltage THD≤ 0.2%
voltage output power3x 25 VA
current output10 mA … 120 A
current stability0.02% ti = 120 s
current THD≤ 0.2%
current output power 3x 35 VA
active power accuracy0.05%
reactive power accuracy 0.1%
phase shift±180°
power factor range-1 … 0 … +1
frequency output45 Hz … 65 Hz
frequency accuracy0.002 Hz
harmonics2nd to 21st
harmonics amplitude0 … 40%
harmonics phase shift±180°
accuracy, active energy0.05%
accuracy, reactive energy0.1%
dimensions471 mm x 445 mm x 190 mm
weight30 kg
mains power supply200 V … 240 V, 50 Hz

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