Three Phase Energy Meter Enclosure CL754B

CL754B enclosure
size: 272 mm x 550 mm x 128 mm

Our CL754B three phase energy meter enclosure is able to accommodate one bottom connected energy meter and one 3P+N or 4P circuit breaker. The enclosure is made of polycarbonate material with excellent electrical insulating property, flame resistance and weather resistance. It is light weight and small, shockproof, UV resistant and anti-aging. Two transparent windows on the meter box cover allow access for meter reading, operation and circuit breaker operation.

The enclosure is designed with an anti-tamper switch, electrical safety protection and separate access to the MCCB.

  • Enclosure material polycarbonate +10% glas fiber
  • Polycarbonate for the transparent windows
  • Two Pg cable glants on the bottom of the enclosure
  • Ingress protection: IP54
  • Sealable enclosure cover
  • Sealable windows
  • Enclosure cover open detection
  • Mechanical resistance: IK09
  • Suitable for wall mounting and pole mounting
  • Two transparent windows for meter reading and circuit breaker operation
  • Optional: full transparent enclosure cover
  • Dimensions: 272 mm x 550 mm x 128 mm

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