How to get a Clear Tamper Token?

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One of our most read articles is about the clear tamper token. You can read more about STS Payment Metering here or on the official website of the STS Association. The complete STS system is pretty much secure. Only the power companies or utilities can generate tokens for various meter functions. If a meter is in tamper mode, the utility can figure out the reason by simply reading the log-file inside the meter. So there is nothing to worry about.

Nevertheless we are receiving on daily base requests for “Clear Tamper Token”.

For all of you who haven’t read or understood the first paragraph. If your meter is in tamper-mode and you don’t want to contact your power supplier you have the following options:

Try all possible tokens

This will take you about 40 millenniums depending on your input speed. (One millennium is 1,000 years). You better make a list with all combinations first to avoid double entries. Actually the time gets longer because our STS payment meters and most competitor ones have a lock-out after a certain number of wrong attempts.

Consult your local fortune teller

Maybe it helps and he/she comes out with the right token. Most likely you need to consider a service fee.

Use the Magic Random Short Time Token Generator

It generates a Magic Random Short Time Token (MRSTT) and it’s valid for one minute only. We are using a fancy artificial intelligence algorithm. Due to heavy server load during the day we recommend to choose a time between midnight and sun rise. It’s also important that you have a strong believe.
Putting some garlic on the UIU (user interface unit) helps to avoid the vampire radiation.

In the likely event that it doesn’t work you need to contact your power supply company. In addition it’s helpful to read the first paragraph.

Anyway, thank you for reading and good luck. Comments are welcome 🙂

Summary for those which are to lazy to read the article

Only your local power company or energy provider can generate token for your meter. Don’t ask us or other manufacturers. We can not help you.

110 Replies to “How to get a Clear Tamper Token?”

      1. You need to talk to your power supplier or energy vendor. They can generate a token for you.

    1. If it’s a prepaid meter you can submit the meter number to your power company. They can exclude your meter from their vending system.

  1. My prepaid meter was on tamper mode and I petitioned for a tamper reset token, then I got it and I inputted it, the monitor showed me “25” and a smiling face, yet the power if not back on… It’s no more on tamper mode yet the Power’s not back on.. Does that “25” mean after 25 hours?

    1. There is no standard for indications on the meter. Usually they show the remaining credit. If the “relay-open” icon is still on, it might be possible that your meter is in overload. Switch off all high consumers (like air-condition) and press the enter-key.

  2. Kindly send me the cord to activate the cloud meter its uic is CL710k11B kindly the meter heve not yet activated send me to my mail.

    1. In case the meter installer forgot to activate the meter, it activates itself one hour after first installation. There is nothing to do.

    1. The error message depends on the meter manufacturer. CLOU meters return a plaintext message like “REJECT” e.g. when a wrong token was entered or with an error code number. Your power supplier can help you with your meter.

  3. Our prepaid is in tamper code pls
    What can we do
    Prepaid meter number 0101150115323

    1. You can call your power supply company. They have the ability to issue a clear tamper token for your meter.

  4. When the circuit breaker in meter is going off,coz we change the load wire , please I need tamper code for this meter 24130005861. It’s very urgent.

    1. I wonder why you want to change the load wire. Only the power company is allowed to do that. They will also bring a clear tamper token. We can not help you.

  5. My family was watching a TV then all over a suddenly the power went off, now for three days they are in total darkness and my token meter is indicating bypass.
    Now how to get a kplc bypass code

    Kindly pliz help, coz my children are struggling to do homework.

    1. I feel very sad that you leave your family for three days in total darkness. Why haven’t you called the Kenya Power customer service immediately? Their call center is available 24 hours a day and throughout the week for all matters pertaining to Kenya Power’s services throughout the country. The number is 95551.

  6. I tried it but was not having any 20 is my meter number 610124000209864 pls show working for us to understand

    1. A clear tamper token can only be provided by the local power supplier. You haven’t read the article and/or the other comments.

    1. As you haven’t read the article, try this formula:
      (mn * t)^2
      mn = your meter serial number
      t = date when you have tampered the meter in format DDMMYYYY
      Then you type the last 20 digits of the result in reversed order.
      When it doesn’t work, you need to read and understand the first paragraph of the article and report your case to your local power supply company.

    1. You can very easy slow down your energy meter by switching off your high consuming home appliances like air condition. Actually the meter is only recording your consumption.
      If you feel that your Hexing meter is counting too fast, you can also ask your power company to to an on-site meter test with dedicated equipment.
      See example here.

  7. Hi I use hexing CIU EV100
    Carlin concept
    I have token I keep loading but yet REJECTING am tired please assist
    My contact 2348062827793

    1. Hi, we have no idea what Hexing is doing. We are another meter manufacturer. In general you will see the Reject indication when either the token is not issued for your meter number or when you have entered the number wrong. Please check with your vending company, maybe they made a mistake.

    1. I never heard that a token can loose connection. I suppose your meter has disconnected. You need to call your customer service. If you mean that your UIU has lost connection you can help yourself by putting batteries inside to establish a connection to the meter. Then you can top-up with your credit token.

    1. If your neighbours also have no light it is a general power fail in your region. If they have power you can check whether your main circuit breaker has eventually opened. If the breaker is closed you need to call your customer service centre.

  8. My CIU when I connect it in the socket even if I press all buttons it does not disply..but when I connect it in the extension it displys

  9. Meter no: 0124000411304 with account name: Ine Spencer entered tampered. It is for the water pump. Can you please assist us with the code?

  10. I already recharged but the power is not yet supply in I called customer care service and I was told it’s a tamper Code
    Can I get any help on here ?

  11. Please how can I get a tamper code to reset my meter,i reacharge but the power his not coming up

  12. I’ve been trying to recharge in my CLoU prepaid meter… It just keeps taking me back to 007 0.00kwh interphase. No matter what comman I enter, it returns me to 007 0.00kwh interphase

    1. The meter always returns to 007 (remaining credit) after 5 seconds. Before that the meter shows a text message. In your case the message is most likely “reject” because of wrong input.

    1. If the meter does not accept a token, a text message with the reason is shown on the display.
      It can be:
      Reject (wrong token input)
      Used (token was already used)
      or Old (token has expired)
      In any case you need to contact to your customer service centre.

  13. I saw a code also on my meter display.007 with the open contactor symbol. Can be a remote disconnection, if then how to reconnect to power me up.

    1. We assume it’s a CLOU meter. The code 007 is indicating the remaining credit. If the credit is finished the relay opens. If the display still shows credit and the meter has a remote connection maybe the utility has disconnected you. Try to key-in 00 for reconnection. If this doesn’t work, call your utility.

    1. The lock-icon means that the meter terminal cover has been opened. It comes usually together with the icon for “relay open” and a raised hand for tamper.

  14. My tokens meter shows an open circuit at the screen and there is no flow of curren to the bulbs what might be the problem?

    1. If there is only a icon showing that the relay has opened, means the meter has either disconnected due to an abnormal situation. To reactivated the relay the meter manufacturers have implemented a short-code. Look in the short reference or on the meter name-plate. If it’s a CLOU meter, you press 00 and ENTER. The meter will reconnect if there is still credit inside and there is no tamper condition. If you see an additional icon (typically a raised hand) then the meter indicates a tamper and you need to call your energy services provider.

  15. I have enough credit but my meter is not supplying power. Is there any code to check what went wrong?

    1. You can look on the meter- or user interface display. If you can see a “hand”-icon together with a “open contact” icon the meter is in tamper mode.
      Also a abnormal power supply can cause a temporary disconnection which restores automatically once the power supply is recovered.
      Depending on your meter type the power company has additional short codes to evaluate the meter status.

  16. i was given tamper code to unlock my meter but it failed twice, just indicating conn—– and no power. what could be the problem?

  17. My meter wires burned in side…. and my child caled me…. i got home …. no power….. i call the municipality…. they cut seal in front of me….. then say i tampered…. i had to pay….. the person wald out…. and sayed to his friend … melungu we …….

  18. Good sir, please I have hexing meter which I install and the input enter but the output is not I mean the meter is not supply light and here is the code that I am trying use to open the meter 865; and is not as if meter key is lock. Please help me what do I do?

  19. Please sir,, am a meter contractor. I have about 80 meters not accepting the disco kct and not yet installed. Please help me with tokens to reset the kct back to 600415,, they are in 999954.. (68000015617) incotex 203 tkreh sts

    1. Once the meters are leaving the factory they have the supply group code (SGC) of the utility. They will only work with this utility (disco) vending system. If the SGC needs to be changed, this can only be done from the utility which owns the meters. We can’t help you.

    1. Once the meter is used in the field (after utility installation and activation) it’s not possible to reset the meter.

      1. I’m very sorry to hear that. Contact your power supplier. We can not help you.

  20. quit interesting topic .a meter requiring clear tamper code means you contact electricity supplier

    1. Indeed, Patricia. Only the electricity power supply company can issue tokens for their SGC. Hope everyone coming to this page reads the first paragraph. Thank you for frequently taking a look and putting comments on my blog.

  21. There was no light for some hours and immediately the light comes back My prepaid meter Tamper indicator (LED) just comes up, and since then i don’t have light. My meter number is 0124000449189 .
    Am requesting for clear tamper code.

  22. Dengan hormat kami minta tolong minta nomor kode temper karena KWH ada kata periksa inih no KWH nya. 86001196186

      1. Read the article. Only your power supply company can issue a clear tamper token for your meter. Most likely they will also have some questions…

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