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Here we are publishing answers on your questions related to electrical energy and metering. If you have questions, please use our contact form or write a comment below the related article.
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Poor Meter Connections are Causing Heat

Maintaining the right cross-section avoids overheating and is also reducing the internal resistance. ...
Ransomware Example

How To Avoid getting A Victim Of Ransomware

A PC virus can be annoying. An encryption virus is a disaster for the whole organization. ...

Taiwan faced widespread rolling blackouts

Taipower said that the outage was caused by a grid failure at the Hsinta Power Plant in the southern city of Kaohsiung. ...

Instrument Transformer Burden Measurement

Instrument transformers are part of the measurement circuit for transformer operated meters. ...
Gtmetrix16042021 Min

Used WordPress Plugins

The provided information is related only to our website (Twentyseventeen theme). Modify something only when you know what you are doing. ...
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WebSite Metering Results

Since we are metering specialists, we also keep an eye on our website performance. We are running WordPress on a GoDaddy server without any extras. ...
Google Maps

Where is my Smart Meter?

When you deploy new energy meters you want to know the installation position. It's helpful for various purposes ...

Measurement Uncertainties for Test Benches

A test bench consists of several elements which can introduce additional variable errors. ...
RS350 training 2

The Categories for Electrical Measurements

Sometimes you find in specifications terms like CAT III or CAT IV. These terms are given in IEC 61010-1 ...

The 2020 End of the Year Riddle

Before we come out again with interesting and metering related topics in the next year, please take a look at our brain-teaser quiz. ...

12 Replies to “Metering Blog”

  1. I have a clou meter token and am just wondering how i can silence the beeping alarm that goes off when your are low on tokens. Its kinda annoying. Ypur help will be highly appreciated.

    1. Steve, try code 812 on your UIU (user interface unit) and confirm by pressing the enter-button (blue or red). If it doesn’t work, please tell us the meter model type.

    1. If the energy meter has a function for measuring reactive energy, it must have a test output (a flashing diode) indicating the reactive consumption. This test output has a meter constant, indicated in e.g. pulses per kvarh. You set measurement mode in your test plan to reactive measurement and adjust the scanning heads in front of the reactive diode. All other procedure is the same like active accuracy test. The settings for reactive power is done inside the test bench and reference standard automatically.

  2. which is the standard to be used for testing of for Reactive power in energy meter and what are the acceptable error margins?

    1. The IEC 62053-23 is applicable for static meters for reactive energy (classes 2 and 3). The allowed errors for accuracy are given in the related tables. If you have a meter with reactive class 2, the allowed error is +/-2% for all balanced loads above 0.1 Ib and power-factor 1.

  3. My CLOU (CL710K11) just shows zeros when I try to enquire balance or input new token, I think it is not communicating with the power source

    1. The possible reason could be long communicate distance or the power cable quality,plsase use another socket and try again. if still doesn’t work,pls confirm whether the UIU address is right one( enter 1593570 plus the meter number to set the UIU address).

  4. Where can I find the operational manual for clou meter, with series number CL710K11

    1. Thank you for your message. The operation manual is for the power company or utility. End users get an introduction by the power company and a reference card with the user interface short codes. The configuration for each power company is different. If you are in doubt about a function, ask your power supplier.

    2. My CL710K11 meter
      Red light is lit next to the word “WIRING” and I noticed low power in house today. Any idea what could be the problem.

      1. It indicates a poor communication between the user interface unit and the meter. One reason behind can be a very low supply voltage from the grid.

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