Major Update in Machinery Directive:
Transitioning to Digital User Instructions

Big news for manufacturers and distributors of electrical machinery and smart devices in Europe! The Machinery Directive has been updated on 18.04.2024, aligning with the new machinery regulation by allowing digital user instructions. This change reflects the increasing digital proficiency across the EU, where over 93% of households have internet access, according to a 2023 Eurostat report.

Key Details of the Regulation Change

The updated guide clarifies that digital instructions can satisfy legal requirements if they adhere to Article 10(7) of the new regulation. Here's what this means for the electrical engineering sector:

  • Digital Accessibility
    Manufacturers can now provide instructions digitally. They must ensure users are clearly informed about how to access these instructions.
  • Downloadable and Printable
    Digital instructions should be easily downloadable and printable, allowing users to retain a copy on various devices for straightforward reference.
  • Long-term Availability
    Instructions must remain accessible online throughout the product's lifetime and for at least ten years post-sale.
  • Paper Instructions on Demand
    Upon request at the time of purchase, customers should receive paper instructions at no additional cost within one month.
  • Safety Information
    For non-professional users, essential safety information must still be provided in paper format to guarantee safe usage.
  • Clarity and Comprehensibility
    All instructions and safety information must be presented in clear, understandable language.

Implications for Our Industry

This regulatory shift offers an opportunity to streamline resources and enhance user experience but requires careful implementation to maintain compliance and effectiveness. Manufacturers of electronic energy meters and smart metering systems must particularly consider how digital instructions can be designed to be both compliant and user-friendly.

Navigating the Transition

For businesses in the energy sector, adopting digital instructions involves more than just compliance; it's about enhancing accessibility and efficiency in user engagement. Companies should consider establishing robust digital platforms for instruction management, ensuring reliability and ease of access for all users.


This update ushers in a significant shift towards digital documentation, reflecting broader digital transformation trends, while ensuring safety and accessibility remain paramount. For manufacturers and users alike, staying informed and proactive in adopting these changes is key to leveraging the benefits while adhering to regulatory requirements.


For those who appreciate thorough detail, the original EU document spans 422 pages of extensive content:
Guide to application of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Edition 2.3

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