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ClouESP AMI Software

ESP stands for energy services platform. Our software combines head end system (HES) functionalities with meter data management (MDMS) functions.

  • Asset Management
  • Group Management
  • Data Collection Management
  • Time Sync
  • Parameter Settings
  • Meter Data Readings

Operation is via web-browser


System Status and information is prepared in graphical format for keeping the overview simple and easy.
The information can be grouped by transformers or regions.

The data collection interval can be individual set for events, power quality, load profiles, relay control and billing.

All at the meter available parameters can be set by remote, e.g. TOU, calendar, limiters for load, over/under voltage.

Scheduled Meter Reading

scheduled meter reading

The meter readings can be reviewed graphically for performance or individually for single meter or by meter type (manufacturer).

System Integration

clouesp integration

Our ClouESP provides application programming interfaces (API) to interact with eventually already existing applications, like customer database.

It's also possible to handle the STS prepayment tokens by remote.

AMI turnkey solution

As all power companies and utilities have a different focus on system priorities we offer various services:

  • AMI solution consultation services
  • AMI design & integration solutions
  • Customised products within the AMI ecosystem
  • Project management
  • System integration
  • Engineering (on site and online)
  • Quality acceptability criteria & evaluation
  • System application training
  • Deployment training
  • Operation training
  • Infrastructure training
  • After-sales services (data/meters/systems/servers/communication network)

If you are interested in our ClouESP Advanced Metering Infrastructure please contact us. We will be very pleased to work with you together.

Data Concentrator CL818C

The CL818C data concentrator (DCU) is compliant with the DLMS / COSEM standard protocol and is designed for smart meters and connection to PLC (power line communication) / radio frequency (RF), RS485, GPRS network and data management (DMS), which collects and stores metering data and statistical information for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions.

DLMS compliant
G3-PLC compliant


  • Automatic network installation, configuration and management
  • Uplink via GPRS modem or Ethernet connection
  • Downlink via PLC, RS485 or RF
  • Modem is G3-PLC compliant
  • Standard meter reading protocol DLMS / COSEM
  • Network protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, IPsec, SSH,TLS
  • Supports last-gasp
  • Integrated network server
  • Remote and local firmware update
  • Automatic meter registration
  • Real-time clock (RTC) for network synchronisation
  • Event and alarm monitoring and data storage
  • Open cover detection
  • Replaceable GPRS modem
  • Local access by web-service and APP
  • FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air differentiated upgrade)
  • BLE 5.0 mesh (bluetooth mesh networking)

If you have questions related to the DCU or to our AMI-solutions please contact us.