CLOU's Aqua-C2
A New Milestone in Energy Storage at ees Europe

As global efforts towards carbon reduction and carbon neutrality advance, the energy landscape is witnessing a pivotal shift from fossil fuel dependency to a clean, low-carbon energy structure. This transition has accelerated the development of energy storage technologies, positioning them as a cornerstone for the future energy system.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), under current policies and market conditions, global renewable energy capacity is expected to reach 7,300 gigawatts between 2023 and 2028. By early 2025, renewable energy is anticipated to become the leading source of electricity worldwide, with wind and solar power accounting for 95% of the newly added renewable energy capacity over the next five years.

Experts note that by 2030, emission reduction targets in China, the United States, and Europe will exceed 50%, marking these regions as key players in global carbon reduction. The U.S. and European markets, in particular, continue to drive the overseas energy storage sector.

Recognizing the vast opportunities in international markets, CLOU has been vigorously expanding its global footprint, creating a new growth trajectory. In 2023, the company's energy storage business achieved a revenue of 1.435 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of more than 100%. The high gross profit margin in overseas markets further validates CLOU's strategic foresight. In 2023, the gross profit margin for the company's energy storage business was approximately 25%, with overseas products outperforming domestic ones.

CLOU's achievements are the result of consistent and strategic efforts. From being a top performer in overseas markets in 2021 to establishing an energy storage company in the US in 2023, and now expanding into the European market in 2024, CLOU has laid a solid foundation with each step.

On June 19, 2024, the ees Europe exhibition opened at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre in Germany. This event brings together leading companies in the battery storage industry. Notably, this marks the first international exhibition for CLOU since Midea became its controlling shareholder, with CLOU and its sister units under Midea jointly participating.

CLOU's Aqua C2 Unveiled at ees Europe
CLOU's Aqua C2 Unveiled at ees Europe

Aqua-C2 Takes Centre Stage

At the ees Europe exhibition, CLOU unveiled its new liquid-cooled energy storage system, the Aqua-C2. Developed based on CLOU's “E³S (Extreme Performance, Extreme Safety, Extreme Service, Intelligent Control)” product value theory, the Aqua-C2 boasts several key features:

Extreme Performance

The Aqua-C2 offers higher energy density with its long module design and single-sided door, supporting back-to-back and side-by-side placement. Compared to the previous generation of liquid-cooled energy storage systems, it increases station-level energy density by over 40%. Additionally, its lifecycle is extended by more than 25%, and usable energy is increased by over 35%. The Aqua-C2 is highly adaptable to various environments, from extremely cold high altitudes (operating in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +50°C, with optional configurations for -35°C, suitable for regions like Canada) to salt spray environments (C5 high corrosion resistance design) and hot, sandy environments (3R/IP54 protection level). Furthermore, the system's cluster-level management and serial power buffer functionality of power electronics enhance station-level system availability. Importantly, its auxiliary power consumption is reduced by 15% compared to the Aqua-C1.

Extreme Safety

In addition to real-time monitoring and remote protection, the Aqua-C2's safety system design has been iteratively enhanced. The upgraded liquid cooling plate design reduces flow resistance by 30% and decreases battery pack temperature variance by 10%. The system also features overcurrent and short-circuit protection, combining rapid-response DC/DC converters with multi-level fuse protection for fault tolerance. The independently controlled DC/DC converter further boosts the Aqua-C2's safety attributes.

Extreme Service

The Aqua-C2 provides an exceptional service experience with its higher integration for quick installation, increased operational efficiency, and regular operation and maintenance services. The system's monitoring, energy management, and remote control capabilities meet intelligent control requirements.

EP Package: Whole Lifecycle Station Service

This year, CLOU's strategy focuses on providing comprehensive solutions rather than just equipment. The EP Package whole-station solution covers the entire value chain of energy storage systems, from product selection, capacity configuration, and expansion strategies to station-level planning and design, installation, operation, and maintenance, as well as full-stack data monitoring optimization, unified operations, and after-sales service.

At the ees Europe exhibition, CLOU officially launched the “EP Package Whole Lifecycle Station Service.” This solution encompasses the entire value chain of energy storage systems, offering a one-stop solution from product selection and station-level planning to installation, commissioning, full-stack data monitoring optimization, unified operations, and maintenance.

The product range includes DC/DC converters, PCS (Power Conversion Systems), medium-voltage transformers, switchgear, EMS (Energy Management Systems), SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), and other related equipment. This comprehensive package aims to meet the specific needs of various application scenarios, ensuring optimized energy storage solutions for clients.

Intelligent Control

The Aqua-C2 integrates advanced intelligent control systems that enable precise monitoring and management of energy storage. The system leverages AI algorithms for predictive maintenance, which helps in identifying potential issues before they become critical, thus reducing downtime and maintenance costs. The intelligent control also ensures optimal energy usage, improving overall efficiency and performance.

Market Reception and Future Prospects

The Aqua-C2 has garnered positive feedback from industry experts and potential clients alike at the ees Europe exhibition. Its innovative features and robust performance have set a new benchmark for liquid-cooled energy storage systems.

Looking ahead, CLOU is poised to continue its expansion into international markets, leveraging its technological advancements and comprehensive service solutions. The company's commitment to innovation and excellence in energy storage is expected to drive further growth and cement its position as a leader in the sector.


The unveiling of the Aqua-C2 at ees Europe marks a significant milestone for CLOU in the energy storage arena. With its extreme performance, enhanced safety, and comprehensive service capabilities, the Aqua-C2 sets a new standard for liquid-cooled energy storage systems. CLOU's strategic focus on providing holistic solutions through the EP Package further strengthens its market position and paves the way for sustained growth in the global energy storage market.

If you have any inquiries or need further information about the Aqua-C2 or our comprehensive energy storage solutions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to assist you and welcome your valuable thoughts and comments.

Until then, keep shining bright like a solar panel on a sunny day!

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