Plogging for a Greener Tomorrow
CLOU's Saturday Adventure in Shenzhen

Our team at CLOU had a brilliant time last Saturday, combining fitness and helping the environment through an activity called 'plogging'. The word “plogging” actually comes from Sweden – “plocka upp” means “pick up” and “jogga” means “jog” in Swedish. So it literally means picking up litter while jogging! The idea started there around 2016 and has now spread globally as people realized it ticks two boxes – exercise and environmental care. Joggers simply pick up any litter on their normal routes. Such a simple concept, yet it really makes a visible difference in keeping places clean and promoting green habits. The great thing about plogging is the double benefit – it's good for your health and the planet! Plus, it brings people together, as we found on our Shenzhen adventure.
I'm excited to share how our day plogging in the Shenzhen countryside went!

When we all gathered on that sunny Saturday morning, you could feel the shared sense of purpose and anticipation in the air. Our eager teams of around 50 CLOUers each met up, ready for a day of plogging under sunny weather conditions.

Once we got our gloves, rubbish bags and determination, the teams set off on different routes, ranging from gentle trails to more challenging terrain. This gave us a good workout while reaching areas needing attention.

Our CLOU team geared up and ready for plogging Combining fitness and environmental care—lets make a difference one step at a time
Our CLOU team geared up and ready for plogging Combining fitness and environmental care—lets make a difference one step at a time

As we jogged along, chatting away, everyone worked together – bending down in sync to pick up litter. It was brilliant to see colleagues helping each other out, swapping stories and even having friendly competitions over who collected the most.

By the day's end, our combined efforts had clearly made an impact. The once littered trails were now clean, and the team spirit and care for the environment had left us all feeling accomplished. The smiles and camaraderie were proof the day was a great success!

CLOU plogging activities June 2024
CLOU plogging activities June 2024

We're still awaiting the final statistics, but early figures suggest each team gathered an impressive amount of litter, helping keep the Shenzhen countryside cleaner and greener. We'll share the full numbers and some fantastic photos from the day soon!

This was about more than just a day out. It reminded us of the impact we can have when we join forces for a good cause. At CLOU, we believe in not just innovating for a sustainable future, but actively contributing too. Plogging has inspired us all, and we can't wait to organize more events like this!

Our countryside plogging adventure was brilliant thanks to everyone's dedication and energy. It's a small step towards a greener planet, and we're proud to play our part. Stay tuned for the detailed stats and some memorable moments captured on the day!

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