CL3250 HPLC Module Test Equipment:
Ensuring Performance and Compatibility

CL3250 HPLC Communication Unit Test Equipment
CL3250 HPLC Communication Unit Test Equipment

The CL3250 HPLC (high-frequency broadband power line communication) module test equipment, also known as the HPLC communication unit test equipment, is specifically designed for testing the external structure and communication performance of HPLC modules. It serves as a comprehensive tool for various tests, including interchange and interconnectivity, deepening application tests, power pack phase failure and voltage change tests, power consumption tests, power pack adaptability tests, chip ID detection tests, and more. Notably, the CL3250 can simultaneously test up to 48 communication modules.

Certification and Supply

CLOU has taken the initiative to have this product tested and certified by a third-party. As a result, the CL3250 HPLC Module Test Equipment has been supplied in batches to local power grid companies and terminal factories. It meets the requirements for HPLC module tests set by production manufacturers, metering centers, and power science research institutes.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Testing Capabilities
    The CL3250 enables thorough testing of HPLC modules, covering crucial aspects such as power consumption, communication performance, and more.
  • Automatic and Efficient Operation
    Equipped with multiple meter positions, the equipment facilitates simultaneous testing of various modules. Through unified software control, technicians can easily manage and monitor the testing process with a simple button press.
  • High Compatibility
    Each meter position is designed to accommodate single-phase meters, three-phase meters, and terminal modules, ensuring versatility and compatibility.
  • User-Friendly Interface
    Operating the equipment is straightforward, allowing on-site technicians to perform tests efficiently. With just a button press, the test can be completed, streamlining the testing process.
  • Message Visualization and Analysis
    The test software includes functions for message visualization and analysis, providing technicians with valuable insights and flexibility during the testing process.
  • Flexibility through Customization
    The test software incorporates a modular design, allowing customization to specific requirements. Additionally, a comprehensive drive library and software function modules can be added to expand the range of test cases.
  • Accurate and Reliable Testing
    Strict adherence to technical standards ensures the precise and reliable operation of tests, delivering accurate results.

The CL3250 HPLC Module Test Equipment serves as a crucial tool for testing the performance and compatibility of HPLC modules. With its comprehensive testing capabilities, automatic operation, high compatibility, user-friendly interface, and accurate results, it meets the needs of production manufacturers, metering centers, and power science research institutes.

If you have any inquiries or need further information about the CL3250 HPLC Module Test Equipment, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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