Single Phase Meter CL710K20

Single Phase Meter CL710K20
Single Phase Meter CL710K20

Introducing the CL710K20 single phase smart meter – the ultimate solution for residential applications in single phase two wire grids! With advanced tamper detection and power quality monitoring, this meter sets new standards for robustness and reliability in India and other parts of the world.

Certificate IsIS 16444
Certificate IsIS 15969 part 2
Certificate IsIS 15884
Certificate CbipCBIP 325
Certificate IecIEC 62052-11
Certificate IecIEC 62053-21
Certificate IecIEC 62053-23
Certificate EnEN 50470-1
Certificate EnEN 50470-3
Certificate EnCE MID approved
type test no.1577-19
Certificate DlmsDLMS compliant
Certificate StsSTS payment remote access

The CL710K20 is a direct connected, electronic single-phase two-wire, two-element energy meter with accuracy active: class 1 / B. Reactive measurement is optional with class 2.

Tamper protection

  • Ultrasonic welding, the meter can't be opened without breaking the structure
  • Cover open detection for terminal, module and face cover
  • Magnetic tamper detection and penalty measurement/billing
  • Immunity to high voltage sparks up to 35 kV
  • Detection of ac/dc chopping
  • Missing neutral detection and measurement
  • Detection of wire connection tampers
  • Event recording and reporting
  • Mechanical protection with seals for main cover, terminal cover, communication module, battery and optical port

Data Security

  • 3 level security management for up to 6 clients
  • AES-GCM-128 encryption and AES-128 key wrap

Demand Control

  • Latching relay with contacts for phase and neutral.
  • More than 100,000 switching cycles
  • Overload control
  • Over-current control
  • Relay can be controlled manually and by remote

Measurement and Power Quality

  • Measurement in phase and in neutral
  • Measurement of active and apparent power/energy
  • Net energy metering (NEM) mode
  • Import (forward) only mode
  • Over-voltage recording
  • Under-voltage recording
  • Sag
  • Swell
  • 30 minutes load profile for 40 days or
  • 15 minutes load profile for 20 days
  • Time of use (TOU) up to 8 rates, daily, weekly, seasonal and special

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) capabilities

  • exchangeable communication modules (plug & play)
  • self-register (auto-register) function
  • self-healing function
  • high compatibility with 3rd party systems
  • DLMS/COSEM compliance
  • STS payment mode can be set in the meter, the tokens are generated with PRISM security modules and submitted by the AMI system

The firmware can be upgraded locally or by remote. The meter has a sealable battery. A extra battery supports the real time clock (RTC). The CL710K20 has a modular design without any internal wiring. The display can be read without power.


Nominal voltage Unwide range from 110 V to 240 V
Current Ib (Imax)5 (30) A, 5 (40) A, 5 (60) A, 10 (60) A
other combinations on request
Frequency50 Hz, 60 Hz
Accuracy, activeclass B, class 1
Accuracy, reactive (optional function)class 2
Ingress protectionIP54
operating temperature-25 °C to +70 °C
relative humidity≤ 95%
Local interfacesOptical Port, sealable
optional: RS232, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
Interfaces for remote accessradio frequency (RF mesh), GPRS, G3, G4, NB-IoT
Dimensions175 mm x 115 mm x 60 mm
Weight650 g

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