How does Net metering work?

Single Phase Meter CL710K20
Single Phase Meter CL710K20

When you are generating power by solar or wind, you might produce more energy than you actually need. This additional power is feed to the power grid and you as customer get those produced units as a credit for later use.
Many utilities worldwide have already implemented such incentives coming together with a NEM (net energy metering) meter, such as our CL710K20.

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  1. thank you. Is there cost implication for such a meter with net energy register from a normal meter with export and import registers

    1. It’s a firmware function. So there are no hardware cost involved. Nevertheless this function is used for billing purpose. So the additional cost comes from testing, but it’s marginal. If this function is used, the utility must test it similar to a register test on a certain percentage (incoming goods control).

  2. Does the meter has separate register to record the net energy or it records on import and export registers?

    1. Patricia, thank you for your question.
      The net energy has it’s own register. The OBIS code is 16.8.0
      The calculation is imported energy minus exported energy.

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