Customs of Chinese Spring Festival

Thursday, January 12th, 2023.

The first day of the first month of the lunar calendar is the biggest traditional festival in China, the Spring Festival. It is a time to welcome the warm spring, celebrate the new chapter in China's history, and reflect on our own growth. To capture the spirit of this occasion, let's explore some of the most important customs of the Spring Festival.

Clean Houses on the New Year Eve

Cleaning the house is an ancient ritual believed to bring good luck. A few days before the Spring Festival, families across China sweep their floors, clean their daily necessities, and remove cobwebs to get ready for the new year.

House Decoration

On the eve of the Spring Festival, children stick couplets on their door frames with paste and brush. These poems express hopes for a safe and prosperous year. Some also hang pictures of door gods to ward off evil spirits.

Eat Dumplings

In the morning of the big day, people in northern China usually gather to eat dumplings. A coin is sometimes hidden in the food, and whoever finds it will be blessed with luck and fortune.

Shou Sui and Give Lucky Money

To bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new one, people stay up until midnight. On New Year's Day, they exchange Shou Sui (longevity noodles) and give lucky money (red packets) to children.

Set off Firecrackers

When the Spring Festival is coming, the first thing for every family is to set off firecrackers to show good luck. Of course, setting off firecrackers is banned in many areas now. We should obey the regional regulations and give priority to safety.

Pay a New Year Call

New Year greetings are one of the most important activities and customs of the Spring Festival. On the morning of the first day of the New Year, adults and children wear new clothes and new hats, visit relatives and friends, and wish you a “Happy New Year”. New Year greetings are generally from family members firstly. The younger generations pay a “Happy New Year” call to the elders. People smile and pay a “Happy New Year” call to everyone, including friends and strangers.


On January 22, 2023, it is the Chinese New Year 2023.
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The article was contributed by our new colleague Zi Jing.