Happy Chinese New Year 2022

The four Chinese traditional festivals include Spring Festival, Tomb-Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival.
During the festivals, Chinese people will stop working and have holidays.
Among them, the Spring festival have the longest days, usually seven days off.
It can be said the most important festival for Chinese People.

The Story of "年"

The celebration of the Chinese New Year is relevant to a story of "年".
"年“ speaks literally as “nian”.
Long ago, there was a monster called "年”, which had a long head and very sharp horns.
It harmed people in a village very frequently.
Once a day, when it was about the current Chinese New Year' Eve, an old man looking like a god showed up in the village.
He walked with a cane, long and silver gray beard. His eyes shined like starts.
When the villagers protected them in the mountains from the danger of the "年”.
The god lightened a house, glued a big piece of red paper on the gate door and made noise like "ping-ping-pang-pang".
As the "年” came nearly to the house, it was so scared to run away very fast.
In fact, the "年” monster was afraid of light, red color and enormous sound.
Since then, every single Chinese New Year'Eve, people paste red papers on the house gate door like a couplet and new-year pictures, and keep the house bright for the whole night.
Meanwhile, people light the firecrackers.
Nowadays, in the Chinese cities, people light electric firecrackers for the sake of no air pollution.

The Legend of Twelve Zodiac Animal

Twelve zodiac animals in order include rat, cow, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.
The zodiacs represent the twelve Earthly Branches, used to symbolize the year in which a person is born.
"本命年", pinyin as Benmingnian, is one's birth year same with one of twelve animals, representing the years in which he or she is born
For example, one was born in 1998, then his or her zodiac is tiger.
He or she is twenty-four years old now, then this year will be also his Benmingnian.
The zodiac legend has a long history recorded in many written materials, which can date back to the Qin dynasty, of over two thousand years.
There are numerous poems, Spring Festival couplets, paintings, calligraphy and painting and folk crafts depicting the image and symbolic significance of the Chinese zodiac.
With the development of history, every single zodiac has its own plentiful stories which have come into the system of value clarification.
People always talk about zodiacs in views of marriage, life and their annual luck.
Many countries in the world issue zodiac stamps during the Spring Festival to express their wishes for the Chinese New Year.

New Year Picture of Zodiac Tiger Pasted on the Glass Door of CLOU Building
New Year Picture of Zodiac Tiger Pasted on the Glass Door of CLOU Building

Ceremonies of the Chinese Lunar New Year

So decorating the building in red during the Spring Festival is a customer in China.
From the last week, two big red lanterns have been placed over the gate of the CLOU building.
Two pots of orange plants are along the two side.
There is also a new-year picture with "福" on the door.
All of these decorations have their denotations.
The lanterns mean "红红火火”, and the orange plants represent "吉星高照", which in English, wish money will flow into CLOU company in a new year.
The "福' picture wishes all CLOU people will have good luck in 2022.

CLOU Building Gatedoor with New Year Decoration
CLOU Building Gate door with New Year Decoration


On February 1, 2022, it is the Chinese New Year 2022.
CLOU wish you good luck and keep healthy in a new near.

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