How to become a World Champion?

World Champion
source: Statista

Finally, Germany made it. Not in soccer, but in household cost per kilowatt-hour.
See the cost in some other countries below.

Household Electricity Prices Worldwide In December 2020
Household Electricity Prices Worldwide In December 2020
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Nuclear Power Phase-Out

Following the Fukushima reactor accident in 2011, Germany has permanently shut down eight of its 17 reactors and pledged to close the rest by the end of 2022. Actual still six reactors are operating.

Nuclear Powerplants Germany August 2021
Nuclear Powerplants Germany August 2021

This generated power will be missing by the end of 2022.
Already now, Germany needs to import energy from other countries.

Cross Border Physical Flows
Cross Border Physical Flows

The majority of the imports is coming from France and from Norway. While Norway is generating hydropower, France is operating with 56 nuclear reactors.
Import of power is costly.
The reflection we can see already in the actual prices per kWh.

Today is Tuesday, August 24. The right side of the graphic shows the forecast for today. The black line is showing the actual required power for yesterday respective to the forecasted power for today. We see an unfilled gap, means power needs to be imported,

Net Electricity Generation In Germany In Week 34 2021
Net Electricity Generation In Germany In Week 34 2021

What happens next?

Energy production with fossil resources is planned to end around year 2030. The graphic shows the impact based on the actual demand (week 34/2021)

Scenario Without Fossile Resources
Scenario Without Fossil Resources

We see, that around 50 % power needs to be imported. In the next years the petrol operated cars are phasing out, so the electrical power demand will become significant higher.

The Worldwide Electrical Energy Generation

The generation in total is almost linear, except of the year 2009 sink due to the financial crises. In general, the Asian countries have the most increasing demand.
The data after year 2018 will be more interesting to see the impact of COVID-19.

Worldwide Electrical Energy Generation 1990 2018
Worldwide Electrical Energy Generation 1990 2018


You need to have a substitution when you replace energy resources. Running out of capacity and purchasing from neighbour countries is whitewashing.
It's not difficult to become a world leader in terms of price per unit. You need only to ignore the data.
This article is based on:
BMWi – Energiedaten 2020, table 36 (Excel document)
German Government Information (in German language, but fun to read)
Link no longer available (
Fraunhofer Institute (excellent data visualization, English)
Statista (general statistics)

If you are planning a large scale transition, talk to us. We are energy services provider. Accurate metering and real time information will become essential.
For mind exchange, just leave a comment.

Thank you for reading and stay safe.

Editor's note: This article was originally published in August 2021 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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