International Women's Day 2024
Shining a Light on Women in Electrical Engineering

This International Women's Day, I wanted to take a moment to celebrate the important roles women play across the electrical engineering sector. As we all know, 8 March each year highlights the achievements of women globally. But in 2024, I'm focusing our attention on the often overlooked contributions of ladies in this male-dominated industry.

From powering our homes to enabling new technologies, electrical engineering touches so many aspects of modern life. However, women make up just one in four electrical engineers according to statistics. It hasn't always been easy for gals to break into this field. Pioneers like Edith Clarke, the first female graduate in 1919, had to be determined to find opportunities.

Celebrating Women in Electrical Engineering this International Women's Day
Celebrating Women in Electrical Engineering this International Women's Day (credit Reynolds)

Today, women engineers continue developing innovations that can truly make a difference. Whether using artificial intelligence to expand renewable energy access or driving solutions for climate change, their work is so valuable. Yet too few young women see themselves succeeding in these careers due to lack of encouragement and role models.

That's where organizations and universities have a role to play. Through mentorship programs and curriculum highlighting diverse contributions, they can inspire the next generation of female talent. And it's important they do – studies show diversity of thought leads to more innovative solutions.

Here at CLOU, I'm proud of how our ladies in electrical engineering help power the energy sector forward with their skills and perspectives. A variety of voices at the table helps spark new ideas, so I hope we can keep creating an inclusive environment for all.

Please share any stories below about remarkable women you know making their mark. Hearing real examples may encourage others and show what's possible. In the meantime, I'll be enjoying my half day off thanks to CLOU's celebrations – think I'll spend it cooking up a feast!

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