Empowering Businesses to Conquer Energy Waste

Energy management with sub-metering involves installing sub-meters within a building or facility to monitor the energy use of specific areas or equipment. Sub-metering helps identify areas of high energy consumption, allowing businesses to implement targeted energy-saving measures and reduce overall energy waste.
By using sub-meters, businesses can identify energy consumption patterns within specific departments or areas, allowing them to identify opportunities for energy optimization, pinpoint any areas of waste, and reduce energy losses, thus saving costs.

Sub-metering is especially useful in commercial buildings, where various departments or tenants share energy use. It allows landlords to monitor tenant energy use and bill appropriately, encouraging tenants to reduce their energy consumption.
Energy management with sub-metering provides businesses with a more comprehensive understanding of their energy use, facilitates more accurate billing, and allows for informed decision-making in energy-saving efforts.

What can You expect?

Businesses can experience numerous benefits from implementing energy management practices. These benefits include:

  • Cost savings
    By reducing energy consumption, businesses can save on utility bills and operational costs.
  • Improved brand image
    Companies that prioritize energy management demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, enhancing their reputation and appeal to customers and investors.
  • Reduced carbon footprint
    By reducing energy consumption, businesses can minimize their environmental impact and help mitigate climate change.
  • Increased efficiency
    Energy management practices can identify and eliminate inefficiencies in systems and equipment, resulting in improved reliability and productivity.

Overall, energy management plays a crucial role in improving a business's sustainability, reducing costs, and enhancing its reputation, making it a critical investment.

Industrial Complex With Efficient Energy Management (credit Clou)
Industrial Complex with Efficient Energy Management (credit CLOU)

How to Monitor the Success?

Monitoring the success of energy management with sub-metering involves tracking the energy consumption data and tracking the impact of energy-saving efforts. Here are some steps to monitor the success of energy management with sub-metering:

  • Establish a baseline
    Establishing a baseline for energy consumption before implementing sub-metering and energy-saving efforts is essential. It helps in measuring the impact of energy-saving efforts over time.
  • Set achievable goals
    Set clear, achievable goals for energy consumption reduction, and track them regularly.
  • Regular data collection
    Collect data regularly using the sub-meters installed in specific areas, and track the energy consumption trends.
  • Compare data
    Compare energy consumption data over time to identify usage patterns, areas of waste, and progress towards energy-saving goals.
  • Analyse the data
    Analyse data regularly to identify areas of potential improvement, energy-saving opportunities, and track the effectiveness of energy-saving measures put in place.
  • Real-time energy monitoring
    Use real-time energy monitoring tools to keep track of energy consumption and identify unexpected peaks in usage, energy waste or consumption patterns requiring additional attention.
  • Report on progress
    Publish regularly reports on progress towards energy-saving goals and celebrate successes while re-examining areas for improvement.


Energy management involves optimizing energy use in businesses to cut costs, reduce environmental impact, and improve efficiency. By regularly monitoring and evaluating energy consumption data, companies can identify the success of their energy management with sub-metering and make informed decisions about future energy-saving efforts.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published in August 2023 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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