The First Breath Notification

Another nowadays requested Push event is the First Breath.
This message is sent to the head end system (HES) as soon as the meter is powered up.

How useful is this information?

Imagine a power-fail at a distribution transformer with 1000 energy meters. Here it would be sufficient to monitor only the CT-meter behind the transformer. If this meter is up, you can assume that the whole area is energized.
The message from all individual meters is meaningless and causes only traffic.
The customer will not call you, because the power-fail has already been restored.

If you want to document your workers KPI (Key Performance Indicator) regarding the restore of power supply, you can do this more efficient by reading the meter log files. There you have the time of power fail and the time of power restore.

alarm 999+
my favourite alarm indication

If you have the Last Gasp push event enabled you will get 1000 events.

For the First Breath you get another 1000 events.

This is only for one distribution transformer. You are monitoring hundred thousands of meters.
So use a Push alarm wisely.

Recently I had a discussion where a Last Breath function was requested. Fine, in DLMS terminology this would be Last Gasp :)
The meter has no voltage supply for a certain period. CLOU default is 30 seconds.

Are you already using the First Breath function?
What is your experience?

Editor's note: This article was originally published in January 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

2 Replies to “The First Breath Notification”
  1. "First Breath Notification"
    Is it applicable for only for ct meter,or 3 phase meter?what about single phase direct connected household meter is "first berth push message" is meaning less? please suggest

    1. Thanks for your comment. A Fist Breath push message is applicable for all kind of smart meters with communication. Of coarse you can use it also for a domestic single-phase meter. In my opinion it's generating only an information overload in the HES(head end system), especially after resume from an outage. The CT-meter behind the distribution transformer will inform you for the whole area without reviewing hundreds of First Breath notifications.

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