User Interface Unit UIU

user interface unit

The user interface unit (UIU) is a device for remote access to STS payment meters.
If meters are mounted in a box or on a pole they can not be accessed for token input. In this case a UIU is necessary for STS operations.
Beside of token transmission the UIU provides various information about meter status and consumption.
Depending on the meter vendor a UIU is also named as CIU (customer interface unit). The basic functions are the same.

ModelThe model type follows the meter type. It’s indicated above the display.
Example: CL710K11B
Mains power supply220 V … 240 V
Backup power supply4 x 1.5 V AAA battery
Communication interfaceRS 485, wired connection / radio frequency (RF) / power line communication (G3 PLC), the interface is depending on the order
Ingress protectionIP 51
Operating temperature-25°C … 70°C
LCD displayLCD size: 57 mm x 23 mm
Digit size: 10 mm x 5 mm
Backlight on activation
Dimensions144 mm x 80 mm x 42 mm 
Mountingwall mounted, with fixing cradle

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    26 Replies to “User Interface Unit UIU”

    1. How do I check clou meter balance. And how do I load new bought prepaid credit ? Am from Ghana

      1. The default display shows the balance. You can also use shortcode 07. For loading new credit you type the 20-digit token number in the display and confirm by pressing the bottom-right key on the keypad.

      2. Can I purchase credit on my cloud meter via mobile money and how do I get the 20 digit token to load the meter

        1. It depends on your power company or service provider. If they have a module for online-vending they have also a procedure to send you the token on your phone. Just ask them.

      1. The balance indication for CLOU meters is short-code 07. It’s displayed by default. For topping-up you buy a credit token at your local vending station. Then you enter the 20 digit token number into the keypad.

      1. When the terminal cover is opened, the meter is automatically in tamper mode. The power will be disconnected until you enter a clear tamper token. This token is meter- and utility specific. Only your power vending company or utility can issue such tokens.

      1. CLOU meters are either activated by optical port or with token.
        In the unlikely event that the meter installation team has forgotten to activate the meter, it will activate itself within maximum of two hours after energizing.

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