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User Interface Unit UIU

user interface unit

The user interface unit (UIU) is a device for remote access to STS payment meters.
If meters are mounted in a box or on a pole they can not be accessed for token input. In this case a UIU is necessary for STS operations.
Beside of token transmission the UIU provides various information about meter status and consumption.
Depending on the meter vendor a UIU is also named as CIU (customer interface unit). The basic functions are the same.

ModelThe model type follows the meter type. It’s indicated above the display.
Example: CL710K11B
Mains power supply220 V to 240 V
Backup power supply4 x 1.5 V AAA battery
Communication interfaceRS-485, wired connection/radio frequency (RF)/power line communication (G3 PLC), the interface is depending on the order
Ingress protectionIP 51
Operating temperature-25 °C to +70 °C
LCD displayLCD size: 57 mm x 23 mm
Digit size: 10 mm x 5 mm
Backlight on activation
Dimensions144 mm x 80 mm x 42 mm 
Mountingwall mounted, with fixing cradle

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    64 Replies to “User Interface Unit UIU”

      1. Nambi, thanks for your comment. See your meter number of 11 digits on your meter nameplate. TOKEN number is on your TOKEN card that your local power company sold to you, it has 20 digits.

      1. The balance is also called credit. It’s the default display on CLOU prepaid meters and user interfaces (UIU). The short-code is 07.

    1. My CL710K11B is not displaying power present and has no output.
      There is no indication on its LEDs
      What could be the problem

      1. Either there is a general power outage in your region or a main fuse is broken. Don’t try to repair by yourself, call the power company.

    2. Hi, I’d like to know when the Red alarm symbol stops to blink. I’ve UIU 2020 type and 545 units of kWh yet the red alarm symbol wouldn’t stop blinking.

      1. The blinking alarm symbol or diode does only indicate an abnormal situation. It always comes together with additional information on the display.

    3. Hi my cl710k11b is blinking a open lock, a contactor desconnected and a red warning light, can someone help me, i don’t understand

      1. Your meter is under tamper condition. Only your local power company can help you and give you clear tamper codes.

    4. Hi my CL710K11 uiu is displaying a minus (-)symbol on the left and what does it indicate?

      1. For CLOU meters Cur_nb means an unbalanced current. The information is shown on the display about one minute after occurrence. CLOU energy meters have an additional current detection in neutral. The values between phase and neutral are different, so it is most likely a wrong home installation or a tamper. Depending on the demand of the power supplier, the meter either disconnects or only logs the event. In any case, the meter records the consumption based on the higher current value. There is no loss for the utility.

    5. hi. my meter is showing an arrow pointing to the left on the s.i.u what does it mean

      1. The arrow indicates that the power flows in export direction. Possible reason can be wrong meter wiring or a solar power installation.

      1. That’s really hard to say. The general recommendation is to switch off all devices, which you don’t need.

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