User Interface Unit UIU

user interface unit

The user interface unit (UIU) is a device for remote access to STS payment meters.
If meters are mounted in a box or on a pole they can not be accessed for token input. In this case a UIU is necessary for STS operations.
Beside of token transmission the UIU provides various information about meter status and consumption.
Depending on the meter vendor a UIU is also named as CIU (customer interface unit). The basic functions are the same.

ModelThe model type follows the meter type. It’s indicated above the display.
Example: CL710K11B
Mains power supply220 V … 240 V
Backup power supply4 x 1.5 V AAA battery
Communication interfaceRS 485, wired connection / radio frequency (RF) / power line communication (G3 PLC), the interface is depending on the order
Ingress protectionIP 51
Operating temperature-25°C … 70°C
LCD displayLCD size: 57 mm x 23 mm
Digit size: 10 mm x 5 mm
Backlight on activation
Dimensions144 mm x 80 mm x 42 mm 
Mountingwall mounted, with fixing cradle

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    31 Replies to “User Interface Unit UIU”

    1. I’m using CL710K22 meter in Ghana. My meter is displaying an Alert icon
      Please what’s the issue

      1. The alert icon comes up in abnormal situations. Usually you have more icons illuminated, like a contact-open. This means, the meter is disconnected due to no credit, over-voltage, over-current, over-power or other power grid events.If you have an additional raised hand icon, your meter has been tampered.

    2. My meter reading 0.00 and I need cold for it. My meter can accept credit please help me with Cold .I want to reset my meter

    3. My meter is displaying an open contact symbol near the top of the screen. Warning light is also on. It shows I still have 174 kWh of credit. What could the problem be? Is there a reset code?

      1. If there is no tamper symbol shown, the relay can be closed by 00 (enter). Maybe you had an over-load or over-voltage. Depending on utility regulations the meter will not reconnect by itself.

      1. Conn is shown when the UIU or CIU is trying to connect to the meter. It’s not a problem, it’s an information.

    4. I attempted loading token severally on the UIU instead of returning ACCEPT, It has been returning 007. Please advise what to do.

      1. Once you have entered the token you’ll get either “Accept”, or “Reject” or “Used” as a message in return. After that, the UIU returns to the default display 007.

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