CLOU Wins New Smart Meter Project in China

The State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) has recently announced CLOU for the new smart metering project.

The product range includes:

  • Single-phase Smart Meters, Class A
  • Three-phase Smart Meters, Class B
  • Transformer operated Three-phase Meters, Class C
  • Data-concentrators
  • Data-collectors
  • Accessories

The volume is more than 40 million US$. China has two power companies, State Grid and China Southern Power Grid.
Since about 10 years, both companies are implementing large scale AMI systems all over China. The total installed smart meters are exceeding 450 million.

CLOU is since the very beginning of the Chinese Smart Metering project a reliable supplier for both domestic power companies. With over two decades experience, CLOU's research & development has all the required know how to integrate standard- and customized solutions.
The energy meters for the Chinese market are certified by the National- and Southern Power Research Institutes. CLOU is one of the manufacturers with the most comprehensive product qualification certification in China. In the year 2020, the company actively developed the Bluetooth pulse energy meter verification and modular multi-core smart meter technology.
International CLOU is holding a bunch of type test- and protocol certifications like MID, KEMA, STS, DLMS/COSEM, STS6 and IDIS.

CLOU Smart Energy Meter Project 2021
CLOU Smart Energy Meter Project 2021

CLOU focus on the demand of power grid products and solutions in the fields of generation, distribution, use and storage. It cooperates with power grid companies to improve upgrading digital grid infrastructure by using the new generation technologies of Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet of Things, Mobile Internet, Smart City and Block Chain.

CLOU's goal is to realize zero-carbon energy supply and provide comprehensive energy service for optimizing energy supply structures of cities and enterprises.

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  1. Thanks. Pls send budget prices for the three models. Basic plus options. We do need to have data OnLine, etc. Do you have Combined CT&VT for 15 and 23 KV, and meters 5 A.

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