Don't touch anything!

If you've ever joined one of my guided VIP visits to our laboratories or manufacturing sites you might remember these words.

Today we talk about safety briefings.

In your utility laboratory and for your on-site workers you take of course care for a proper training on the job and especially for personal safety.
What about your visitors?
Good, if you are working in a high-security laboratory level 4, you won't have visitors. For us as energy meter manufacturer it's very common to have visitors for factory acceptance tests and for initial company introduction.
Some of these visitors don't have any technical background. Therefore, the security briefing must be very easy understandable.
In Germany, we have a bunch of occupational health and safety laws. If an accident happens during a company visit, the company will face serious problems in combination with a lot of paperwork. To avoid problems, almost all companies have tailor-made security instructions.

After following the briefing you as visitor need to sign a form that you
a) have understood everything
b) are following the instructions


I have seen so many security instruction papers from various companies and most of them have been set up by lawyers. So no one can sue the company, in case. A visitor from an accounting department will not understand most of the content. If his/her priority is on going shopping it's even worse.

We in CLOU have reduced our security briefing for visitors to the simple instruction:
"Don't touch anything!"
It's pretty much easy to understand and it's better for health and for production quality. It makes also smiling faces, at least for my assistant.

What is your laboratory procedure for receiving visitors? Let's have some mind exchange.

Thank you for reading and "Stay safe".

Editor's note: This article was originally published in August 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

4 Replies to “Don't touch anything!”
    1. Thank you for the comment, Irene. Personal safety comes always on first place.

  1. After learning from the best of course I adopted "DO NOT TOUCH" and it works perfectly for our laboratory.

    1. Patricia, it's good to know that it works for your laboratory too. Thanks for sharing.

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