Enlit Africa 2024 Recap:
What Everyone's Talking About

The recent Enlit Africa Conference and Exhibition in Cape Town was buzzing with energy experts and industry leaders chatting about the big issues in the sector. Four hot topics really got people talking: load-shedding, meter tampering, cable theft and something called the 'STS TID-rollover'. Let's have a closer look at what got everyone so fired up.

Load-shedding has been less of a headache in Cape Town lately. Some at the conference wondered if this was down to the elections coming up today (29.05.2024). Could be that certain folks want to keep the lights on to win votes! Either way, less load-shedding has been a welcome break for households and businesses.

Meter tampering is still a massive problem for power companies worldwide. It's when sneaky customers fiddle with their meters to under-report how much juice they're using. This leads to lower bills, but it cheats the utility companies out of cash. The exhibition focused on smart ways to catch the culprits. Ideas included tamper-proof meters and real-time usage data to spot dodgy readings. Working with the police to punish offenders was also suggested.

Cable and tower structure theft is becoming a big danger for keeping the grid running smoothly. Expo-goers discussed new technologies like GPS trackers in cables to catch thieves red-handed. Better security such as sensors and cameras could also help, as well as getting communities on board to report suspicious activity. Marking of cables and structure might help, but is suboptimal.

Energy storage is becoming an essential player in the move towards renewable energy and boosting the resilience of our power systems. At Enlit Africa 2024, there were lively discussions about various storage solutions, from batteries to pumped hydro, that can absorb excess renewable energy and release it when needed.
With costs falling, attendees were optimistic that battery storage deployment would accelerate across Sub-Saharan Africa, supporting the transition to sustainable, reliable and affordable electricity for all. The conference provided an opportunity to connect stakeholders across the storage value chain to unlock its immense potential.
Expect to see batteries become as commonplace as solar panels in the coming years!

Finally, the 'STS TID-rollover' is a technical change needed for pre-paid meters by November 2024. It's vital for the millions of customers who top up their electricity accounts. Experts worried many utility companies won't be ready in time, which could leave pre-paid users powerless. Their advice was to inform customers about the change and work closely with meter makers for a smooth switchover.


The exhibition gave energy players a chance to brainstorm solutions to these pressing challenges. Meter cheating, cable theft and keeping pre-paid users powered up emerged as top priorities. It was a great opportunity to showcase new innovations this industry desperately needs.
If you want to know more about our products or services that could help, just reach out.
Until then, keep shining as bright as a solar panel on a sunny day!

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