Preventive Measures for Virus Control

As you maybe already know the New Year started not as expected. Cases of a contagious coronavirus have increased dramatically over the past weeks.
As a part of our CLOU company policy we have implemented several measures to avoid the spread of the virus during work.
Staff who can work at home are allowed to do so. All employees entering or leaving the CLOU building are registered together with the actual body temperature and phone number. It’s a lot of manual work and we are glad for the support of the Party Committee, Shenzhen NanShan section.

Thank you, CLOU Party Committee
Thank you for your efforts, CLOU Party Committee
body temperature check
registration to enter the building
registration on exit

As you can see the manual process takes some time.
In addition, the used infrared non-contact thermometers have a tolerance of ± 0.2°C plus one digit.
Maybe you like to study our yesterdays post regarding measurement uncertainties.
There is an additional difference between rectal measurement and infrared measurement in the range of 0.03°C.
To exclude the instrument error and measurement uncertainties the Chinese government has fixed the allowed temperature to 37.3°C.

Some other CLOU activities

In the last two weeks we haven’t been sleepy. To minimize the manual work we are developing some helpful products. They can not only be used at our company locations but also everywhere where a accurate data acquisition is needed. If you can read Chinese, you can review the original press article here.

Face recognition terminal with integrated temperature measurement

This device will save all the above shown manual checks and paperworks. It’s used for:

  • clocking in
  • clocking out
  • entry and exit control of certain departments
  • gate control

CLOU is already using the face recognition since several years with good success. New is the integrated thermal scanner and APIs for unlocking of doors and other features. The terminals are interconnected by ethernet or wireless and communicate with the central software and the database.
The thermal scan accuracy is ± 0.2°C within a distance of 50 cm and ± 0.1°C within a distance of 30 cm.

Thermal Image Human Body Temperature Door

This device can operate stand-alone or as add-on for existing doors you might know from metal-detection at airports. It can be used for:

  • schools
  • hospitals
  • enterprises
  • ports
  • passenger terminals
  • exhibition halls
  • conference centers
  • other crowded places

The thermal scan is basically the same like for the face recognition device. There is no database connection. It generates an alarm when persons with high body temperature walk trough.

Other related products are under development.

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