Three Phase Energy Meter DTS719

meter type DTS719
meter type DTS719

DTS719 is a transformer-operated three-phase smart meter with an embedded radio-frequency (RF) solution for local meter access. It is designed for connection to current transformers (CT) and for additional connection to potential transformers (CT / PT). DTS719 is used to measure electrical energy accurately for commercial and industrial customers. With the RF communication and a hand held unit (HHU) various smart metering functions can be realized without extending the existing infrastructure. The communication with the meter is DLMS compliant. The built-in tariff structures are supporting active, reactive and apparent measurement modes.

DLMS compliant communication

KEMA type test certificate


  • Active energy measurement
  • Reactive energy measurement
  • Im- and export measurement
  • Real time clock
  • Multi tariff (TOU, TOD, Tier)
  • Maximum demand measurement
  • Replaceable battery
  • Connection to instrument transformers

Tamper protection

  • Sealing
  • Terminal cover open detection
  • Reverse current detection
  • Event logging

Nominal voltage (Un)3x 57.7 V / 100 V, 3x 63.5 V / 110 V, 3x 220 V / 380 V, 3x 230 V / 400 V, 3x 240 V / 415 V
Voltage range for operation0.7 Un … 1.3 Un
Nominal frequency50 Hz, 60 Hz
Current1(5) A, 1.5(6) A, 5(6) A, 5(10)A
Operating temperature-25°C … 70°C
Humidity< 95 %
Accuracy classActive energy class 0.5s, reactive energy class 2
Ingress protectionIP 54
CommunicationInfrared port, RS485, optional radio frequency (RF)
Dimensions240 mm * 154 mm * 50 mm
Connection typeDIN (instrument transformer)

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published: 2020-03-17

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