Terminal wiring for electrical energy meters

Many people are messing up with the energy meter type descriptions.

There are two standards for the wiring of bottom-connected
energy meters.

  • DIN 43857
  • BS 5685

In meter- or test bench descriptions you can find various expressions, all with the same meaning.

DIN 43857 refers also to:
– DIN terminal
– asymmetrical connection
– sequential wiring
– LLLLLLNN (for 3 phase 4 wire meters)
– LLNN (for singlephase meters)
– AABBCCNN (for 3 phase 4 wire meters)

DIN wiring
El cableado DIN siempre tiene este método.

BS 5685 refers also to:
– BS terminal
– symmetrical connection
– LLLNNLLL (for 3 phase 4 wire meters)
– LNNL (for singlephase meters)
– ABCNNCBA (for 3 phase 4 wire meters)

BS wiring
The BS wiring always looks similar to this.

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    1. Thank you for your message. The DIN 43857 refers only to outer dimensions and terminal wiring. In the example are only shown the three-phase 4 wire connections.
      For a quote we need some basic information like: single phase or three phase meter, nominal current and maximum current. Better you select a meter type from our energy meter overview and use the contact form for the RFQ.

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